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Comments made by Drewski

FX Show 'Terriers' Canceled

Very disappointing that this show was canceled. I blame that one on the marketing. I happened to stumble on it and watched every episode and thought the acting and story lines were very well done. It was dark and unpredictable, which is not the norm for TV shows these days. It also lacked that typical cheese that gets baked into most TV shows. I will admit that I had no idea where the first couple of episodes were going, so that probably lost a lot of viewers, but from the middle to the end it was the most entertaining show on TV for me. I felt like I was watching more of a HBO series or movie. If this show had the marketing of a Hawaii 5-0 or Detroit 187, I don't think it would have been canceled. I watch both those shows and enjoy those as well. I thought Terriers was just as good, if not better than those shows. However, when I would ask other people if they watch Terriers, most people never even heard of it. Somebody should pick it up.......please!

December 19, 2010 at 9:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )