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Comments made by DsullPOWER

City Council Names July As LGBT Pride Month

1. Missionaccomplished, your post is irrelevant (I do not mean to say this in a derogatory way, but literally), "I know of NO racial or ethnic minority in the US or elsewhere refer to themselves with an acronym". Okay?

2a. JeanMarc, when you say, quote, "homosexuality is abnormal behavior", I wonder, do you have a criteria for "normality"? Do you have a method of determining what "should" be normal and what "should not" be normal? I suppose (if I can) that your method is something like this, "look around town and what do you see? There is evidently a dominate pattern of those sexually oriented in a heterosexual way therefore heterosexuals are the "norm" and all others sexually oriented however are abnormal". And I might grant this, however, dominate patterns in nature do not entail rightness, they do not entail what is right and what is wrong. Nature, left by itself, does not "prescribe" (key) for us what should and should not be the case, nay, rather nature "describes", it is descriptive, and such descriptions can be evils.

2b. JeanMarc, assumption, "As for transgendered people, I believe people are the gender they were biologically born as". Do you have any evidence to support this claim, period? To be fair, I could counter taking your assumption in reverse, namely, I believe people are the opposite gender they were biologically born as, thus if they want to pretend ..."

3. Natalie Walsh, KPBS Staff, thank you for kindly moderating this thread.

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City Council Names July As LGBT Pride Month

Hi, and curious,

You say (1), "The pedantic usage of acronyms by homosexuals is for the sole purpose of profile exposure and recruitment", but do we not profile when we say things like "I am American", "I am Republican", I am ...", granting the fact that these examples are not acronyms, they, nonetheless, seem/appear to serve a similar, if not the same, function. Maybe? How are they different? (My question ASSUMES that you, whoever you are, profile yourself in such/similar ways, just to be clear.)

Further, you say (2), "Sane people couldn't care less about the supposed discipline of any homosexual on any given day", but what do you mean by "supposed discipline"? What is your underlying assumption here? What are you already presupposing? Can homosexuals be "sane people"? (I only say this because the way you worded your sentence gave me the impression that only those who DO NOT endorse the discipline whatever are sane, but I probably read this part wrong.)

In any case, I am open to the fact that I may be speaking in ignorance, and in light of my ignorance, I welcome a good dose of learning ";^p


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