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Comments made by DumpPublicEmployeePensions

Chula Vista Looks To Prop. H And Union Concessions To Avoid Deeper Cuts

Politicians and City (Union) Employees in Chula Vista – like everywhere else, want us to continue to believe that there is a “Budget Crisis” in funding services for the citizens (i.e. fire, police, Rec Centers, etc, etc). Citizens of Chula Vista and the rest of the USA – WAKE UP!!!...the problem is the impunity in which all of these Elected Officials and City Employees operate in approving for themselves INCREDIBLE Pension BENEFITS that WE THE PEOPLE do NOT get in the private sector. We need to have (new) elected representatives that will revise and ELIMINATE these Extremely Generous PENSION BENEFITS!!! Eliminate these exuberant costs to the Citizens of Chula Vista and we WILL have our services. Do you ever notice how SMUG city employees are – why? because they know they are getting away with these generous benefits and they could care less about “customer service” to its citizens because they are protected by the Unions and cannot get fired!!! And Yes - the Unions help keep the Politicians in-check by supporting candidates that will support their HIGH PENSIONS!

October 17, 2010 at 4:28 p.m. ( | suggest removal )