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Comments made by Roberto Rolando Salinas

Alvarez, Faulconer Headed To Runoff In San Diego Mayor's Race

Alex_Grebenshchikov, your retort would be more credible if it were not for the fact that Republicans love socialism for the rich and the rest of you, pull yourself up from your boot straps, if you can afford boots. You are employing an old Republican political strategy of using race as a wedge issue, and using the self reliance argument as if that had any truth with economic facts. Labor unions were the great salvation that established the once middle class of the United States. It was destroyed by radical Republican ideologues, and policies, like Ronald Reagan's that have continually destroyed a once thriving middle class. Your perceived assumption that you can read my mind, and twist my words to fit your misguided racial analysis is most disappointing, equating self reliance with the uneducated, race, socialism, and of course the Obama era. As the founders of this country once proclaimed for the world to hear, "Power to the People!"

November 20, 2013 at 4:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Alvarez, Faulconer Headed To Runoff In San Diego Mayor's Race

Congratulations David Alvarez! It appears that you defeated Nathan Fletcher, and those Democrats that supported him. Among his big name supporters and political heavy weights like Gov. Brown, and Atty. Gen. Pamela Harris. Locally, political light weights like Lorena Gonzalez, "La Vendida", and professional lobbyist, Juan Vasquez, "El Vendido", along with the Hueso's, Rachel Ortiz, and Gus Chavez, who supported the anti-worker, anti-teacher, Fletcher. Yes, you took a very positive step towards making irrelevance, irrelevant. It is incredible that Faulconer is attempting to sell himself as a champion of guarding the public's interest when he supports poisoning those that live in Barrio Logan, and believes those residents have no rights to control their environment and neighborhoods. Faulconer is just another Republican corporate lobbyist that supports private interest over public interest. You can't trust Republicans with the taxpayers money. Alvarez supports a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Mr. Alvarez, "Power To The People."

November 20, 2013 at 3:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

City Attorneys Warn Mayor's Chief Of Staff

You people should chill and stop piling on. Ever heard that a person is innocent until proven guilty, have any of you seen any criminal complaint filed with law enforcement authorities? Of course you haven't, put your knives away until a criminal court of law and a jury of his peers finds him quility. I hope Filner fights and wins, and then all of you and the rest and the alleged media can really go into convulsions. Fight on Bob, give them hell.

August 2, 2013 at 3:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Why Did Edward Snowden Leave The US Army After 5 Months? (Video)

It's the propagandist and the U.S. governments way, criticize, demonize, and eviscerate. Perception management, from the German high command to the U.S.Department of Defense, in every war we fought. Law enforcement agencies do the same identify a threat, if there isn't one, make one up, then criticize, demonize, and eviscerate. Problem here is that it is legal. There is no legislative, judicial, or any other way these acts are constitutional. Problem is there are no elected officials that will openly admit the acts are illegal, there are no judges or courts that will have the moral will to admit the obvious, and of course the majority of the highest court is constitutionally, and institutionally bankrupt. So at last, the only constitutional course is the power of protest by the people. Demanding that their elected officials act in accordance with their sworn oaths of office, and uphold all the constitution afforded the citizens of this country.

June 11, 2013 at 3:11 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

GAO Says Lack Of License Plate Readers Scuttles Southbound Smuggling Crackdown

How incredibly brilliant, give more millions to Homeland Security so it can be mismanaged and wasted like the hundreds of millions that is wasted now. Remember the 150- million dollars that were spent on the Brilliant Bush and protect the border at any cost Republicans, the latest in electronics to guard the border from being over run? A total and complete failure and a waste of taxpayers money except for the company that got the no-bid contract. Then we find out, after the fact, that more people have to be arrested to satisfy the Republican paymasters, the prison industrial complex. How does the GAO know that there are18 to 38 billion dollars escaping into Mexico, on what factual basis do they they estimate that figure, maybe it is high time that someone make the agency prove their figures. Homeland Security, like the rest of the out of control law enforcement agencies budgets need to be investigated publicly. The McCarthy styled Darelle Isa, would do a lot to reform his shredded and tattered public credibility if he went after Homeland Security like he is the IRS, No, I'm afraid that even that wouldn't help the disgraced congressman. I forgot that his constituency are not the taxpayers, he not a public servant, he is a corporate servant.

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Cars, Drugs And Military Equipment Captured In Undercover Operation "Perfect Storm"

The District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, and the the auto task force like most all law enforcement agencies always use arrest as the marker of success in reducing crime. But as we have seen time and time again, especially with the DA's office, the City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, and the U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy, arrest aren't convictions. All three have had a good number of high profile glitter cases reversed. At least Dumanis was honest enough to proclaim that her conviction record is the highest in the state, but never mentioned the failure of prosecuting the husband of the poor woman that got her throat slit at city college. Jan Goldsmith, another shinning example of what is wrong with the judicial system. He farms out the biggest cases for prosecution at a cost of millions in taxpayer money, and then prosecutes cases in house that should have been settled before they went to court. And last but not least, Laura Duffy, the Carl DeMaio supporter, she should have been fired for that political endorsement, says a lot about her mindset. A federal appeals court caught her and her prosecutors playing fast and dirty, deporting witnesses and not advising the defense about their testimony. Not to mention the non-priority in prosecuting federal law enforcement officers when they beat up the public and kill them. Yes, these three have a lot in common, mismanagement and incompetence. Can't wait till they are gone, it will be a breath of fresh air in the alleged halls of justice

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Filner Offers New Deal To TMD, TMD Rejects It

My hats off to Mayor Filner for trying to stop yet another corporate give away by Republicans, and one Democrat, to multimillionaire Republican hoteliers. If the voters of San Diego want to stop this "Good Ole Boy" corruption of the system, they have to become more vocal and more supportive of Mayor Filner. The voters of San Diego have to show their disgust with those elected officials that reward campaign contributors by passing anti-taxpayer measures. Many of the elected officials that put corporate interest above public interest, are up in arms, as are their financial allies. Mayor Filner has stirred a hornet's nest of the who's who of the power structure in San Diego. The final say as to who wins the final outcome, might rest temporarily in Republican judges hands, ultimately it will be in the hands of the voters who will decide if multimillionaires should be getting taxpayer subsidies. It's time to end socialism for the rich. Pigs eating at the public trough have to be put on a forced diet.

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Judge Tentatively Approves Funding Plan For San Diego Convention Center Expansion

Should the taxpaying public lose in this court to the multimillionaires, Mayor Filner should appeal. I would be more than willing to contribute to a legal fund to fight off the Republican leeches that think they are still in political control of the city coffers. Wake up, Jerry Sanders is long gone, and Carl DeMaio is still configuring his endless strategy of what public office he can buy. The snake in the grass is the City Attorney Jan Goldsmith. He is married to big business. Goldsmith is the worst City Attorney in recent memory, he has spent millions of taxpayer dollars referring out cases defending the city, and losing, and losing many of the the cases he has prosecuted. He won't protect the taxpayers cause he's to busy defending the money interest that got him into office. Mayor Filner has to hire his own attorney, one with proven experience and legal prominence, Filner has to defend himself from the Republican's and one Democrat on the city council, and defend against a City Attorney who should spend more time on city business rather than defending his corporate friends interest. interest.

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San Diego Sends Convention Center Expansion To Court

It truly is amazing just how conniving the Republicans are. Mayor Pete Wilson gives major concessions to Ernie Hawn, and other major developers, while the infrastructure crumbled. Susan Golding gives taxpayer money to the Chargers, and bankrupts the city with her city pension taxpayer thievery to give to the Republican Convention. We won't even mention the "Quitter" another Republican mayoral scandal.Then there is Jerry Sanders, what a joke. A double dipping city pensioner, who wants to gut the city employee unions and pay. Signs a 30-million dollar give away to the hotel owners, guaranteed for 40-years, rushed thru the city council, all for the benefit of the "Good Ole Boy's" the monied elite that have run this city for 60-years. The Republicans have no shame, San Diegan's should boycott the hotels and the other welfare leeches of taxpayer dollars. The Republicans love to raid taxpayer money, but hate to contribute their share. Stop the welfare gravy train for the multimillionares, they should be forced to pay their own way. Give them hell, Mayor Filner!!!!

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Smoking And Guns At The Del Mar Fairground

As witnessed by the turn out, weapons control can be very effective if you restrict the ammo. Sensible weapons regulations like hiking the cost of ammo, decreasing ammo production, and allowing those harmed to sue the manufactures and those who sell them, would go a long way to curb the slaughter. Address the problem at its source, its origin and distribution. The more sensible the restriction, the louder the weapons proponents will scream foul. Better that they scream and cry themselves to sleep than to continue to helplessly watch our children being slaughtered.

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