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Comments made by Roberto Rolando Salinas

Undercover Agents Take Down Car Thieves

I find it very puzzling that none of the 31-people arrested are named. I find it even more puzzling that the number of stolen vehicles wasn't mentioned. I know that most all law enforcement agencies are backing DA Dumanis, but calling a news conference to announce the outcome of a four month investigation with very little specifics, is more suspect. Great photo op with the candidate for mayor surrounded by uniform department heads and the San Diego police chief. We'll see how many of the arrest will hold up in court. As we have seen in past cases with this DA, not all is as reported. Dumanis is exceptionally proud of having the highest conviction rate in the state. As we have seen through out her career, high prosecution rates aren't necessarily just, nor did they protect at least one victim, after reporting being raped and kidnapped, to her investigators.

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ACLU Demands Investigation Of Alleged Customs And Border Protection Abuses

The reason that this conduct is allowed to continue is because most cops don't rat out other cops. It can very dangerous for law enforcement officers to call attention to actions involving abuse of power in a department. When complaints are filed, it can lead to isolating the person reporting it. It can result in receiving bad performance evaluations, assignments that nobody else wants, or being exposed to volatile work conditions with little or no backup. Besides, who is going to conduct the investigation, an independent third party? The very supervisors that allow the culture of corruption to continue, conduct, or direct the investigation of the complaint. The best way to get along in a police agency is to go along. Why do you think it has taken two years for the murder investigation to be concluded on the taser and fatally beaten man at the border. Why do you think the Justice department does not prosecute more murders by law enforcement officers, or why the DA's office touts the state's best prosecution record, but elects to absolve police shootings of citizens. A virtual police state where the public is left to defend itself.

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ACLU Demands Investigation Of Alleged Customs And Border Protection Abuses

The misconduct, mistreatment, racial profiling, at the hands of the malcontents is endemic in the system. The history of law enforcement is based on a brutal history of racism, repression, union busting, and constitutional violations of citizens and non-citizens alike. Our country's constitution is supposed to protect all people,citizens or not, everybody is afforded it's protection. It is not surprising that people are terrorized, beaten, illegally detained, and have documents confiscated illegally. The public is totally defenseless against the growing numbers of attacks from law enforcement, many of them resulting in serious injury or death. There are no protections and there never have been. Border history is replete with the brutally repressive conduct of the Texas Rangers, Border Patrol, ICE, Customs, mostly against Mexicans, Native Americans, Blacks, Chinese and other minorities. This conduct is allowed to continue because the Justice Department does little to prosecute those that commit these acts. It is a management style that is allowed to continue, the conduct on the street is totally controlled by the conduct at the top, a top to bottom corruption of the system. The Obama administration, and the Justice Department's, Eric Holder, perpetuate the unconstitutional abuse of power by their silence an inaction. Their dereliction of duty has clearly demonstrated they will do nothing.

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Congressman Questions How Many Illegal Migrants Enter US

You won't hear Issa talking about the real issues of illegal immigration. Issa only talks about the public issues, not about the real Republican strategy. Minute irrelevant side issues, used to avoid talking about the source of the relevant issue.
Real issues like NAFTA, that has displaced millions of workers in Mexico, Central, and South America for the economic benefit of US corporations that pay little or no tax and pay slave labor prices for their nearly finished products. Not to mention the displacement of millions of US workers who use to make the products. How about the CIA and US military intervention in the Americas where millions have been displaced, 4.1-million in Colombia alone, one of the largest number of refugees in the world. CIA and US military intervention to protect American oil pipelines and refineries on tribal ancestral lands stolen from the indigenous Colombians. Countless CIA and military overthrows of democratically elected governments and hundreds of thousands of innocent people mass murdered since before the turn of the century. Continuing turmoil supported and aided by the US to perpetuate an endless cycle of military destabilization. An intervention that always favors the economic elite and right wing that support death squads. Beginning with the invasion of Mexico, and the Fascist, Racist mentality of " Manifest Destiny". Puerto Rico, Guatemala 1954, Cuba 1959 to the present, Brazil 1964, Chile 1973, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua 1980's, Grenada, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama just to mention some of the obvious ones. It is the same old tired, true and proven rhetoric, we create a refugee problem in the hemisphere then we blame the refugees for seeking refuge. Mass arrest of Mexicans or those looking like them, anti-Latino legislation in 14-states. And you think we have an illegal immigration problem, tell that to the First People, the indigenous Americans, I'm sure they would agree with you.

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Border Patrol Unveils First New Strategy In 8 Years

The absurdity of the militarization of the border wasting billions of dollars on the politically connected contributors of elected officials. Awarding no bid contracts to build massive concrete barriers and maintaining them. No bid contracts for never tested failed technologies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars for companies that have the right of right political connections. Thousands of generators for lights to illuminate intrusive once illegal, unconstitutional, mostly desert border check points. Thousands of battery operated pedestrian traffic sensors used in Vietnam, along with armed helicopters. The 2nd largest aircraft fleet outside the military. The use of A-Waxes along the border, and now drones being used extensively in Mexico with cameras and weapons capability. Administrative detentions and mass arrest of mostly Mexicans or Mexican looking, to fulfill contractual agreements between ICE, Homeland Security and the private prison industrial complex. Repeated Border Patrol, and ICE violating constitutional rights of citizens and non-citizens documented by the ACLU and numerous other Human Rights organizations. Xenophobic legislation aimed at the Latino community. A complete transformation made possible by perception management, thru repeated government propaganda, to heighten public anxiety about unsubstantiated vulnerabilities. The circle is closing, an almost complete police state.

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U-T San Diego Editor Doesn't Want Filner In Mayoral Race

Thank you Jeff Light for admitting to what we all ready knew, your news coverage is as biased as Manchester is anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-union, anti-worker, and anti-immigrant. Although the UT's journalistic credibility has always been in question, it has now been confirmed and their motives are now, "crystal clear". How fitting, the paper endorses DeMaio on Sunday, and today we hear the "rest of the story". As a long time reader of the paper, 36 yrs, along with many of my neighbors and friends are canceling our subscription and boycotting the papers advertisers. The revelations aired today, thanks to Fletcher and KPBS, clearly reveals the true intentions of Light's superiors, such as Manchester and John Lynch. They are attempting to advance fatally flawed Republican economic policies that have historically proven to be antithetical to the public good. Privatizing city and county government and destroying unions and workers rights for the corporate Oligarchy, is UN-American. The UT Watch Dog should concentrate their investigative reporting on the blatant and corrupting, political manipulation and yellow journalism imposed by the owners and managers of the UT. Shameful and disgusting.

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Calls For Justice In Tasing Death At The Hands Of Border Agents

It is reflective of the insensitivity, and the repeated coverup of law enforcement and the Justice Department. Usually when a person is murdered as the coroner report concluded, the investigation is initiated by the local jurisdiction, in this case you would think it would be San Diego Police. If the murder occurred on federal property,one would think logically, that an unbiased independent third party, like the FBI would conduct the investigation. When a federal or local sworn officer is murdered every resource and all the man power needed is utilized to arrest and bring the accused to trial. Why has this investigation taken so long? They even have photographic evidence provided by the public showing the brutal and repeated beating and tasering of the victim. I can assure you that Homeland Security has cameras and tape of the murder. Nothing more than a gang mentality, a history of brutality and repression against Mexicans and those that look like them. The Obama Justice Department and Eric Holder should hang their heads in shame at the failed attempt to reign in an out control enforcers of the police state they perpetuate thru their inaction and silence. Shameful and disgusting.

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UCSD Student Left In Cell Seeks $20 Million In Compensation

It will be interesting to see if Chong's attorney, Gene Iredale will get any cooperation from the US Attorneys office or the DEA. Iredale, a renowned criminal defense attorney has locked horns with the DEA on many occasions. The DEA has a long and troubling history of corruption, money laundering, weapons trafficking, protecting informants, and violating constitutional rights. Most recently the agency was accused of facilitating the laundering of millions of dollars for Mexican drug traffickers. It is not known if any of those supervisors or agents have been charged or prosecuted for their participation and weather the Justice department was aware of their activities. As in most cases involving federal law enforcement agencies abuse of power, in constitutional or human rights, the findings are usually unknown to the public. We will see if any punishment will be dealt to those responsible for Chong's near fatal encounter, or if any heads will role. If the DEA's past history in federal court is an indicator, those responsible are safe.

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Chiang Says Prop A Could Cost San Diego Millions

The anti-worker, anti-union, pro-developer, mostly Republican right wing zealots, must be seething with contempt. It's taxpayer money, paid by the tax paying public, for public taxpayer projects. I can't wait to see what DeMaio, Dumanis, Fletcher, and their developer contributors will do now. Maybe they'll suggest cutting department heads salary and cut back on hiring more consultants and studies. Maybe now local construction workers will be more confident that they will be paid a living wage. The mayor and city council's corporate cronyism, attempting to privatize public services, and destroying workers rights and unions, just became a little more difficult. Can't trust Republicans with taxpayer money, for them it's Socialism for the Rich, and rugged individualism for the rest of us.

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ICE Announces Change To 'Secure Communities' Deportation Policy

There are countless documented stories and law suits about the unconstitutional arrests and breaking down doors without search warrants that this agency has been allowed to conduct with full knowledge of supervisors and the Justice Department. It is well documented that thousands have been arrested, deported,and terrorized, without any judicial or administrative hearing, including US citizens. We now know that many of those arrested were sent to detention facilities in Florida and Texas, were privatized holding centers had lucrative contracts with Homeland Security. We also know that thousand of files on those arrested were lost or misplaced making it impossible to process those arrested or defend themselves properly with lost evidence. Doing more time further enriches the facility, yet no one has been prosecuted or punished. ICE, Homeland Security, and the Obama Justice Department knowingly trample on the Constitution, the same one they swore to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is time to start cutting, and reigning in the Homeland Security budget and practices, and the privatization of the prison industrial complex. The US incarcerates the equivalent of 25% of the prisoners in the world but only compromises 5% of the population. Reflective of a broken judicial system and the political corruption of privatizing prisons thru mass arrest.

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