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Comments made by Roberto Rolando Salinas

Colombian Ambassador To The U.S. Talks Drug War

I heard this morning's interview with Colombian Ambassador Gabriel Silvia and Jill Replogle. I had hoped for more than a public relations spin. After all Silvia is the ex-defense minister, and a CIA asset, as was the president he served, as is the president he is currently serving. There are more than 4.1 million Colombian refugees, one of the largest number of refugees in the world. Thanks to the direct intervention of the CIA, and US military adding to the brutal repressive military and para military actions that Silvia oversaw. The US has spent billions of dollars supporting the national and international economic elite and right wing Colombian political and military apparatus, and death squads. Subject matter that Silvia is most familiar with, of which no questions were asked. Part of the billions of dollars used, in the "War Against Drugs", goes to protect the oil pipeline and refinery for American oil interest stolen from indigenous tribal land. The herbicides used to destroy alleged drug crops has poisoned the people, water, and land for decades to come, actions that Silvia is intimately familiar with, but not one question. Yet another American tragedy in the brutal repressive, ethnic cleansing history of America in the Americas, of which the subject matter is hidden from the public, because reporters fail to ask, and the government won't tell you. We deserve better.

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Politics: We Look At Movement To The Middle

The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead Armadillos. The old, tired and failed policies of the Republican party, locally and nationally, like declaring war on women, minorities, unions, workers, the elderly, and children, will come back to haunt them. Fletcher might want to disown himself from the Grand Ole Party, but he can't disown his voting record, anti-labor, anti-union, anti-consumer, paid for the Corporate Oligarchy. The same good ole boy club that backs DeMaio, and Dumanis, The same good ole boy club that would love to privatize city and county government and services, and give the contracts to their paymasters. Like the Padres downtown, and the Chargers eagerly waiting in the wings. The Republican's got us into this pension mess by giving tax dollars to the Republican convention under Susan Golding. Now they ask us to trust them once again and that this time they'll get it right. Can't trust the Republicans with taxpayer money, they love socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the rest of us. A party of greedy corporate cronyism that has decayed government at all levels and now jeopardizes our children's future.

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Hoteliers, Hospitality Industry Back DeMaio Over Other Candidates

It is a laughable contradiction and once again exposes DeMaio's self delusion. DeMaio defends his vote by claiming the added surcharge is not taxpayer money. He also asserts that having Con Vis take over the marketing duties from the Public Convention Center Board is vital to the economy of the city. The only economic interest DeMaio is concerned with is the same, good ole boy, economic power elite that control city and county government. You have to give DeMaio credit for his relentless rush to crush the working class and mostly working poor that serve his corporate paymasters. Ask the maids, and others employed by the hoteliers if they are paid a living wage. As the anti-consumer, anti-union, anti-poor, anti-voter, Republican Party war rages locally and nationally, DeMaio's motives become even more questionable. Socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the rest of us, has to be stopped!! By, for, and of the economic Oligarchy, were not the intentions for Democracy. Power To The People!!!!!

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Regulators To Delay Decision On SDG&E Uninsured Wildfire Reimbursement

I called the number you gave, I was told that I could not leave a message for Simon or Peevey directly. I was told that I would have to email the, request a public hearing in San Diego and my email would be forwarded to Simon and Peevey. I did that, I bet the corporate elite would have no trouble getting them on the line. I am very disappointed with this filtering system at the CPUC, it should be renamed to reflect it's mission and purpose, Corporate Puppeteer Undermining the Public Interest. Socialism for the rich, and Democracy for the poor, has to be stopped, demand your rights!!

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Single-Payer Bill Fails In State Senate

Juan Vargas, abstained, along with three other democratic senators. This is the same recently elected State Senator, who wouldn't allow a vote on a bill that would allow homeowners being foreclosed against, to demand of the banks proof, that they owned the note. This is the same anti-consumer politician, who previously ran for office, swearing that he would not work for the insurance industry if he was defeated, he lost and he went to work for the insurance industry who backed him Now he says he is running for the congressional seat being vacated by Bob Filner. Juan Vargas has a anti-consumer voting record and is squarely allied with corporate entities wanting to defeat consumer legislation. I will vote against Vargas and hope that his kind of political trickery will end his career as a politician. Then he will be free to continue his true career path, that of a lobbyist for the insurance and banking Industries. This is what is wrong with our political system, too many just like Juan Vargas.

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San Diego Politicians Assail Raid Of Redevelopment Funds

There is no leadership void in Sacramento, the only leadership void are the Republicans. The party of tried, failed, anti-labor, anti-union, anti worker, policies, refuses, like their ditto heads in the house and senate, to contribute constructively to the debate. Thier strategy of obstruction and delay is clearly thier only position. Those that scream the loudest about redevelopment money being used for education are the same visionaries that refuse to consider rasing the state's revenue. Redevelopment money belongs to the taxpayers not the monied interest, mostly large developers, that grease the campaign coffers of thier trusted allies, elected officials.

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AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Greeted By Protesters in San Diego

I quess you think the First People of the Americas welcomed the masses of Europeans that invaded thier country, destroyed thier culture, were targeted for ethnic cleansing and genocide. Would you extend the illegal immigration tag on those cherished pioneers that committed those atrocities? How is it that the rights of the original care takers of the America's, and thier heirs, Canadian,Mexican,Central, and South Americans have been trampled and ignored. The hypocites that scream the loudest about illegal immigration, are totally silent about the brutaly repressive history of America in the Americas. Have you forgotten that the Southwestern United States was stolen from Mexico? The stolen property has never beeen repayed or returned to thier rightful owners. As in the facist, racist mentality of Manifest Destiny, Might Makes Right. Shameful, decadent, morally devoid of decency.

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Escondido Faces Ultimatum Over Latino Representation

Maybe you have forgotten that there are many of us who's history didn't begin
crossing a border. Maybe you have forgotten that the Southwestern United States was once Mexico, that was stolen by the facist, racist policy of Manifest Destiny. Maybe you have forgotten that this country was stolen from the First People, thru genocide and ethnic cleansing. You do a great disservice to history by distorting it. To many of us Americans, this country does not live up to our standards. That is why we must change the abusive way politicians disrespect the wishes of the people. We the people have lost control, it is time to throw out those that refuse to hear the demands of the people. Like the elected officials on the County Board of Supervisors,
Escondido mayor and city council, San Diego city council and mayor, judges, both Houses of Congress, and the presidency. Power conceeds nothing without demand, we the people are demanding, a government by the people, and for the people. Socialism for the rich and democracy for the poor, has to stop. Power to the People!!!!

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Latinos In Escondido Threaten Suit For Lack Of Representation On Council

I am very proud of Mexican-Americans demanding thier rights. As a Mexican-American that has spilled blood for this country, I demand political representation. People might wish to forget the history of the US, but it is part of the fabric of the country. A country founded by genocide, ethnic cleansing, and racisim. As a Mexican-American, I cherish my Mexican culture and history. The indian blood that runs thru my veins reminds me of the valuable contributions made by my ancestors, the indegenious people of the Americas, the First People. My family history in Tejas was borne a hundred years before it was stolen by the US. I was born on the Chamizal in El Paso, a small portion of land that was Mexico's before the Rio Grande changed course. It was returned to Mexico by Lyndon Banes Johnson. So I was born in Mexico, I'm am very proud to be a Mexican citizen and a US citizen. I vehemently disagree with those that disparge thier Mexican heritage. Either your proud to be Mexican or you are not, my cultural identity does not keep me from being a US citizen, or loving and critizing both countries when they work against the interest of thier people as they both do. You should be proud to be Mexican, I hope you still speak Spanish, and teach your children the language and the rich culture they have inherited being MEXICAN.

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Escondido Ready To Fight Voting Rights Suit

Nothing could be further from the truth. As an ethnic minority, Latinos, mostly Mexican-Americans, have been discriminated against judicially, politically, and have been, and are, the target of selective law enforcement. Anyone who denies these facts is ignorant of the Mexican-American experience in the United States. The racial repression that has been demonstrated thru out the country with anti-immigration laws are directly targeted at Mexican-Americans and other Latino groups. Racism is alive and well in the United States, as it is in California, and especially Escondido. The political leaders that refuse to allow political representation of all voters, know very well they will lose control and power. By refusing to respect the rights of all citizens, the tired and failed racist policies reflect the mentality of those political elected officials, like the County Board of Supervisors, and Escondido Mayor Sam Abed. Mexican-Americans like many other Latino groups have had to fight, at times violently, for the rights accorded by the constitution to all the people. In the face of the facts, it is truly unfortunate that there are some that have forgotten our history.

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