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Who's Responsible For Alerting The Public During An Emergency In San Diego?

Sign up at for free Viejas Wildfire & Emergency Alerts. We DID alert people to this fire far earlier than anyone else, as far as I've heard from readers who live in Lakeside. Our nonprofit publication's free alerts come via e-mail to reach people even if phone lines burn down. We don't limit notification to very narrow zip codes or partial zips; for a major fast-moving regional wildfire such as this, we notify our full list to help people prepare.

You can also following ViejasAlerts on Twitter for shorter text messages on your mobile device.

We took a poll asking if our readers would like to see the County post updates on breaking emergencies on its website, by the way. 99% said yes, so clearly the public does NOT believe the County is doing an adequate job of notification on recent fires or the April earthquake, which was never reported on the County's so-called emergency website.

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East County Election Races Heating up

We've just posted links to our stories on the races and candidates discussed on this morning's "These Days" show at this link:

You can also find coverage of many other East County races and statewide offices in our Politics section:

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