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Comments made by EMSD

Critics Pick Top Ten Must Reads For The Fall

Hi Angela,

Thanks so much for your detailed posting. I agree that your top ten list was quite comprehensive and intriguing, but I was also gratified to hear that you are on board with promoting local authors.

Re recommending a local author - would it be too egregious to recommend my own books? I know it probably is, but when I read about Jenny Diski's 'The Sixties' I was reminded of my most recently published novel, FourEver Friends, which tells the story of four teenage girls in a high school for gifted students in the 60s. The book is based on my own journals of that period, and the socio-political events of the decade form a background for this tale of adolescent angst. I will be highlighting the book in author panels for both 'Page One' and 'Read Local' - does any of this strike a chord with you?

Again, my thanks for championing our local literary talent. It's wonderful to know that San Diego not only appreciates how important reading is to our lives but that its local authors have so much to offer.

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Critics Pick Top Ten Must Reads For The Fall

The discussion was interesting, but I'd like to know why, with the plethora of great local authors, you are not exploring these accomplished authors and their effect on our community. A number of new author events have come into play as of late, e.g. the San Diego Public Library 'Page One' event and the San Diego 'Read Local' event, which will present author panels over the coming months. Why not give local authors their due on KPBS?

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Food, Inc. and Under Our Skin

Finally someone is giving this malicious disease its due. i suffered for 20 years or more before I was diagnosed - years of being told it was all in my head. And to add insult to injury, the insurance companies year after year get away with denying our claims. We didn't ask to be bitten - it's a travesty. Thank goodness there are some doctors out there who are knowledgeable in the disease and are making such valiant efforts to treat it in spite of the lack of recognition of mainstream medicine. I can only hope that with the advent of this brilliant film, progress will be made and people will begin to understand what having Lyme disease really means to sufferers and to others who do not yet know they even have it. Kudos to Ms. Accomando for such insightful reviewing. Onward and upward!

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