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Comments made by EVK

San Diego: Soccer City USA

Again, I realize that this program was meant for local consumption only ... but correction:

Final Mens NCAA rankings 2009. UofPortland = 17th. No San Diego schools in top 25.

Final Womens NCAA rankings 2009. UofPortland = 5th. No San Diego schools in top 25.

Also note Oregon State (who had the #1 pick to the MLS last year) ranked in both polls.

Again, Portland is certainly a city that easily slips under the radar in many places including San Diego, but ignorance (which in listening to the clip with the surprised "Portland, Oregon?" comment) is not a basis for any opinion.

Mr. Zeigler -- you should come up this fall and check out a weekend of UofP games and see the Timbers give a hearty farewell to the USL squad (few of these guys will be playing MLS) in September. I think you'd enjoy it, though the stadium will still be playing soccer in a baseball stadium until the construction begins this fall.

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San Diego: Soccer City USA

San Diego and Portland are the only two cities I have lived in my entire life (age 40). Most recently lived in San Diego (for a second time ... lived there as a kid for 5 years too) from 2005-2008. While I will say SD has a lot going for it soccer wise, the missing element is a professional soccer team.

Yes, you have USD and SD State who have solid programs and some name alumni (Balboa, . Went to a couple USD games (one against UCLA) when I lived there in about 2007 and I have to tell you they don't even compare to the atmosphere at University of Portland where the Teams are expected to be top 25 year in and out, where the women have won 2 national championships, where many games have crowds in the 3-5,000 range. UofP boasts alumni such as Kasey Keller, Steve Cherundolo, Connor Casey, Nate Jaqua, Shannon McMillan, Tiffany Milbrett, Christine Sinclair, and other essentially household names for anyone who follows US soccer.

I realize living in San Diego nobody even thinks about Portland, Oregon (believe me, I know) ... but the fact is that Portland is essentially equal to San Diego with youth programs, has a college (very similar to USD in the University of Portland) which actually has a better local following and history of success even if not recognized for it outside the area. Portland also has a USSF division II professional team (The Timbers) who unlike the Sockers still exist, still put 10-16K into the stadium a night for second flight soccer and are moving up to MLS next year.

I honestly think the above comments were out of ignorance, and as I said, nobody even thinks about Portland in SD. But domestic soccer never died in the Northwest (even though it took the MLS 10 years to figure that out) and Portland has called itself SC USA since 1975. Seattle thinks it should be called this now based on Sounders attendance. Rochester NY for a time claimed the nickname in the 1990s and I realize San Diego has called itself this on and off since the 70s too.

I truly hope for San Diego (and I have honestly not followed the issue since moving back to Portland again about 2 years ago) that when/if the Chargers sort out a new stadium that it is also soccer ready and you guys either resurrect the Sockers in some form or get Chivas USA to move to SD.

Please don't get me wrong ... SD is a great soccer town, but ignorance of the fact that Portland is just as good with youth programs, has arguably a better college program than both USD, SD State and definitely UCSD ... plus has an MLS team coming in where the atmosphere in the stadium will be second to none (sure Seattle has 35K in their stadium, but 32K sit on their hands where Portland has 5k standing and chanting the entire game and at times the entire stadium joins in).

Anytime Soccer City Southern California wants to visit and check out the Timbers or UofP scene, you are more than welcome to visit!

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