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Hunter Announces Bill Punishing States That Give Driver's Licenses To Undocumented Immigrants

In 2002 The Little Hoover Commission produced a comprehensive bipartisan report that addressed the issue of undocumented immigrants in CA in a very pragmatic way. Excerpt: "Many community leaders – including law enforcement officials – no longer distinguish between documented and undocumented immigrants. Clearly many businesses are not supporting laws against employing undocumented workers. And increasingly, to achieve public policy goals, services are being provided to undocumented residents. It is not just that some immigrants are ignoring federal immigration law, but the law – because it is so flawed – is overlooked by political, civic, community and business leaders. California did not create this problem. But it must impose some rationality on the confusion of policies that make it difficult to integrate newcomers into California’s communities and has resulted in 2 million of its residents not having legal immigration status, even though they are contributing community members by so many other measures. The Commission recommends that policies affecting immigrants be linked to community priorities. The Commission begins with basic principles: All persons deserve respect and dignity. All residents are obligated to be responsible community members. And new Californians need the same opportunities as their native-born neighbors to become self-reliant."

For the full report please see:

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