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Comments made by EddieK

Local Med School Changes Curriculum For Next Generation Of Doctors

Dear Ms. Cavanaugh,

I enjoy listening to your programs when I drive and was looking forward to to Dr. Mandel's discussion of the changes in the UCSD Medical School curriculum. It irked me throughout the whole interview that the medical students were called "undergraduates." I realized that "undergraduate medical student" is the term that national organizations and UCSD Medical School use to describe these students. However, it should have been more apparent for the listeners that medical students are not the usual undergraduates of the UCSD.

They are graduate students within a professional school - medical school. The medical students have already achieved a bachelor of arts or science degree and should be recognised for their accomplishments. The "undergraduate student" terminology is appropriate within medical education and training community, but it diminishes the students' position during public discourse. Are law student and business school students described as undergraduates? Of course not. Neither should the medical students who after 4 years of post-bachelor's training, i.e. graduate academic education in the medical school, have 3 to 9 years of post-graduate studies in the residency and fellowships training programs. Their diligence and commitment should be recognised as such so that public recognizes the sacrificies that they have made to pursue their nobel calling.


Edward Kavalerchik M.D.

October 7, 2010 at 3:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )