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Comments made by Edward

S.D. Poverty Rate Reaches Highest Level In A Decade

The caller who tried to make a point that many of those without jobs are not looking for jobs should feel lucky, I've been looking for a job since July - with no luck. I am a recent law school grad, waiting on my Bar results, and many of my fellow grads and I are having a hard time finding jobs. Why? TOO MUCH education and / or experience. Until I pass the Bar I am worse off with my degree then without. Many of my friends at SDSU are facing a similar situation. There's not enough entry level white collar jobs, those are here in SD pay super low. I've been told time after time that I have too much education and they want to hire someone who'll be for a while, not gone as soon as they (I) receive my license to practice law. The worse thing is, I don't know if I'll pass, which would mean having to take it again and waiting for the results, which would come out until mid-summer. I can't afford to wait that long. I have a wife and bills, I need a job, I looking for a job, and can't find a job.

I'll tell you what bugs me too, as a previously non-employed grad I do not qualify for unemployment. I think grads should qualify. It wasn't like we were being lazy just sitting around, we were trying (and are still trying) to make something of ourselves and be productive members of society.

Also, the wages here in SD are too low. I see way to many jobs that only pay $10-13 hour and require a lot of experience, sometimes 5 plus years. What gives?

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San Diego Police Close 14 Marijuana Dispensaries

I think the DA's office and the City simply doesn't want to admit defeat. The US Supreme Court has already refused to hear the county's case in which it tried to get the law allowing medical marijuana overturned in federal courts.

So what if a dispensary showed sales of $700,000 in six month? What was the dispensary's profits, if that's what makes it illegal. Most of that probably covers the cost of the product, it is usually high-grade cannabis. Also, high salaries for workers / staff is allowable; otherwise, there's a lot of non-profits violating the law, and in any case is not profit status an IRS issue?

Most of these business were probably only technically breaking the law, and by that I mean they are only "illegal" because they cannot actually follow state law when some of the regs they need to meet can only be met once the county and city has established proper procedures for the running of the dispensaries, ones which the county and city are required by the state to established. Of course SD could be like Sac, which uses a loophole in city code to deem dispensaries illegal; the rule states that if a business’ use is not specifically permitted under code, it’s by default banned, and since medical marijuana dispensaries are not permitted, they are banned.

For a good story on Sac medical marijuana dispensaries and others in the Bay area that are trying to work w/in the law go to:

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County Supervisors Say No to Clean Syringe Exchange

Mrs. Jacob seems not to care about the facts, only her personal opinion; this is not what I would call good governing.

Mrs. Jacob tried to claim there were scientific studies showing that providing needles caused more problems, and then Dr. Strathdee stated that this was "patently false". Wow. And then Mrs. Jacob's is ruling on giving out needles w/out learning the facts on how much Hep C has spread in the last 10 yrs. Wow again. Like I said that's just bad governance.

If Mrs. Jacobs (and the rest of the county board) wants to retain their conservative image, they can support providing needles while arguing that by cutting down on those who become infected, they are saving the county the cost related in treating those who would have likely caught Hep C w/out the free needles - Fiscal Conservatism.

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