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Comments made by Emilee

Calif. Repeatedly Resisted Foster Parent Reimbursement Hike, Despite Court Orders

David65, how funny. The first thing I thought as I read this article is: California doesn't want to pay more to foster parents because we are broke, but we find a way to financially placate the state workers' unions with their high pay, overtime, early retirement, and overindulgent pensions that we simply cannot afford.

Californians like to think they are so enlightened and caring about every important "cause," but it's easy to ignore the plight of foster kids that don't have a loud, obnoxious, union to lobby for them in favor of the police, teachers, and other public worker unions that are constantly running deceitful commercials to get more money from the tax payer.

The priorities in California are definitely politicized. We are under the thumb of government worker unions and politicians who pander to them for campaign contributions and support.

The way we are headed, soon there won't be money for the pensions OR foster care. How sad for these kids.

December 18, 2011 at 10:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )