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Balboa Park Renovation Plan Goes Before City Council

I have some questions:

Why do they want to plant grass on top of the parking lot? I thought that we had a lack of water in SD. Are they planning on saving any of the water runoff from the hard scaping in this project to help water plants/trees/shrubs in Balboa Park?

How many parking spaces are they getting rid of in order to put in 260 parking spaces instead in a closed underground paid for parking lot? Seems like there most be about that amount now in the parking spaces behind the organ pavilion in combination with the parking available behind garden across from the Museum of Man and the palm canyon?

How safe are visitors and SD residents going to feel in the underground parking garage? Sounds like it is going to be dark down there with grass above us blocking out all natural light and views. How much is the electricity going to cost to keep running the lights day & night down there? Are there going to be regular patrols to keep the homeless from camping out down there and the muggers from a prime mugging place?

Why does Dr. Jacobs want to replace the Eucalyptus tree with more Eucalyptus trees? Does he not know that they have shallow roots, their sap is a fire hazard and their limbs fall down on structures damaging them, and people killing them? they might fall on his new ramp!

Why is the City of SD pushing thru this expensive project when it claims to have no money to spend? And they have been putting off maintenance in the park because they have not the money to do so, they claim.

The rush is supposedly to get something done to get rid of cars in the park before the Centennial Celebration. So if they are expecting lots of visitors in addition to all the people who now frequent the park - question is - where are they going to park? all of them are going to fit in 260 parking spaces? and 100 parking spaces are going to be for valet parking?

This all sounds amazingly confusing to me.

And if you go to look at the section between the light posts next to the entrance arch after you cross the bridge on Laurel Street and see the small two lane road on the current bridge that will lead all traffic to the underground tunnel to the underground paid to park garage - how will everyone be able to make a 90 degree turn to get on the ramp? Dr. Jacobs is an electrical engineer - not a structural engineer.

And why does Dr Jacobs want to donate 25 Million dollars to build this ramp & underground paid parking garage?

Who is going to profit from the parking garage once it is built? How long will it take people parking in the garage to pay off a 400 million ( I think that is what they said) bill? How much is that per parking space?

July 20, 2011 at 11:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )