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Comments made by EscoDave

Escondido Police Under Fire

I am a 25 year resident of Escondido and have seen how out of control the EPD have become. They turn a blind eye to the actual criminals and crimes being commited on a daily basis. They have put in place a policy to shakedown the citizens who present the lowest amount of resistance, which allows for them to keep their arrest statistics on par with state reqirements without having to deal with violent offenders.
I agree that both undocumented immigrants and unlicensed drivers are breaking the laws, but they should be a much lower priority compared to the violent crime that is perpetrated on a daily basis. We have a terrible problem with car theft, DRUGS, assault, burglary, gangs, and rape. There is no money to be made stopping these crimes, so they are never stopped. The sad state of affairs is as long as there is an ever increasing crime rate, the EPD will continue to bolster their numbers flying a false flag of law enforcement. There is also a conflict of interest between city hall and the EPD (City council woman Olga Diaz is married to high ranking Escondido Police Officer Neal Griffin) so there is no accountabilty at a city government level. The EPD now has carte blanche to opress the law abiding citizens while letting the actual criminals run wild on our city. EPD have become FUNDRAISERS and not crime fighters.

March 12, 2012 at 12:15 p.m. ( | suggest removal )