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Comments made by EverNewEcoN

San Diego Home Prices Continue To Rise But At Slower Rate

My Take, Their Article
(Dr. Housing Bubble, 5/29/2014.)
What You See Is What You
Get From Manipulated Supply
And Underwater Lock-In's

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San Diego Home Prices Continue To Rise But At Slower Rate

Why it can be misguided relying
on Case-Shiller even for simply
making reversion to the mean
assumptions, especially when
combined with another item.

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Prop 37 Could Set National Tone On Labeling Genetically Modified Food


I hope no one minds this.

The only way to place this much arguing with the
relevant links located as they are, and with the "bundle"
(does not link back to my site)

placed then additionally, is in a manner not conforming
to the character limitation here.

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California Foreclosure Activity Falls To Five-Year Low

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Insurance Mandate A Tough Sell At Supreme Court

Simply saying pro-reform is based on health care
being singularly different omits too much.

So it's about 40,000 premature deaths annually,
400,000 every 10 years, 4 million every 100 years.

That's not the half of it.

It's a large multiple of that losing limbs prematurely, etc.

But the carriers, statutorily immune from the anti-trust laws,
don't care that you're naively unaware that the uninsureds' cost, after
arriving in the system, is shifted to you, the carriers' risk pre-defined

That's called asymmetry:

they are a cartel that can't lose, and they're
one with a humungous margin above MLR (medical loss ratio) on top
of huge admin costs (a multiple of what a non-asymmetrically oligopolistically
controlled system would pay itself.)

If you're covered independently, particularly, and, say, you want to
move to Vegas for a job or to take advantage of crashed condo
prices on the strip, you often can't move from state to state cause
of the cherry-picking (pre-existing conditions.)


A San Diego microblogger.

Have a nice day.

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