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Comments made by Everest

San Diego Komen Office Receives Death Threats

all this stuff abpout right wing pols (jerks with tentacles -do jerks have tentacles?) and feminism seems a bit off topic. I for one an glad this issue came up. As a cancer survivor I am glad this came up because I did not know that money I gave to Komen and I feel taken advantage of because i assumed it cancer but found out today it went to an organization that also kills women in the womb (yes you can describe it in other ways if you choose).
You can continue to support both orgs i just wish I had been better informed I thought I was was funding only research to save . Some one posted that the killing is only 3%. Does that make it better? Please do not leave comments about choice, i do not know a girl chooses once she has been put in a garbage disposal, if you do you are smarter tham me and i won't understand your logic.

February 3, 2012 at 1:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )