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Comments made by Factual

Public Doesn't Get Full Story on Port's Maritime Losses

Lets just see the history here, that the Port of SD has helped the citizens of San Diego with,

1, Complete building of the Convention Center, 1987 to 1990 with a projected cost of 165 Million + an additional 60 Million in cost overruns = 225 Million. This was then leased to the city for 1 buck a year (gifted).

All without Taxpayer money.

2, Terminal 2, Lindbergh Field Expansion 1995 to 1999. Total cost, 1/4 Billion dollars, on time & within budget.

All without Taxpayer money.

3, Monies (gifted) again for a total of 11 Million dollars to help set the footprint for the New Petco Park stadium, circa 1996.

Again without Taxpayer Money.

4, Countless, smaller waterfront improvements, from Pt. Loma, around to Coronado.

Complete Freebies, with no monetary costs to any Taxpayer.

My point is, if the Port of SD does one thing right, it stays in the Black, unlike some "other gov't agencys around here". I clearly could not see the City of San Diego, or any of the other Member City's that are within the Port's Charter, comming up with any revenue to improve anything around tidelands, like the Port of San Diego has.

Bottom Line,
The Port Works, & go find some other "slack newsday reporting" elsewhere.

July 20, 2009 at 9:15 a.m. ( | suggest removal )