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Comments made by Firedog

Rants and Raves: Ray Bradbury

Having discovered Ray in the days of my youth (early 60's) I have been a fan, especially when I read the "illustrated Man". His story "Dandelion Wine" captures the feeling of youth that just astounded me when I read it as an adult. He made me wonder if I could remember and write/capture the feel of living my own youth... He was a remarkable talent that will be sorely missed but live on in his works to inspire the many yet to make his acquaintance. Truly, "Finishing one of his stories was like waking up from a dream and discovering a duller, less vivid world". Well said vpolichar.
PS: I just saw the 1953 B&W film "It Came from Outer Space" last night on late night TV. Even then he tried to show us that strange and perhaps frighting things were not necessarily evil and that it is our fear that holds us back and justifies our own evil deeds.

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