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Comments made by Fishmouth500

San Diego County Supervisors Compared: Politics, Discretionary Funds, Salaries

Go Stubbs !

I would have thought invisibility was an enabling characteristic for County Supervisor.

But no.

Joanne feels she had to speak out for all of us. She's incensed that San Diego County isn't the game show that its metropolitan neighbour is. Thing is, I have lived here since '84 and I am left suspecting that County residents know which side their bread is buttered, why the incumbents have been left there for fifteen years and why there aren't more blistering responses 36 minutes after the show aired.

Cause if it ain't probably have just the right amount of food stamps.

And bringing up the incumbents' ages is just silly. And a bit offensive. Sure they're stuffy and right wing.

Don't care.

Let it go Joanne, it's our Chinatown.

PS, you could easly repurpose this as a puff piece for Todd Gloria with the absolute minumum of editing.

PPS. Todd who?

June 2, 2010 at 10:14 p.m. ( | suggest removal )