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Comments made by FormerCHIEF_SDAD

DeMaio, Fire Chief Spar Over EMT Pay

We Fire Agencies NEED to GET-OUT of EMS!!! (There, I said it!!) For years, we didn't get involved in EMS, in fact San Diego's POLICE use to run the ambulance here.

Our City is paying MILLIONS for a service, that is provided without a tax payer subsidy, in every corner of the country without taxpayer money.

We need to get the County of San Diego to change the rules that say that you have to have TWO paramedics on an ambulance, that every paramedic provider (private or public) in the county must have a service area (contracted) to provide paramedic services.

The Fire Chiefs see EMS as a way to get more money and more equipment.

1. Fires are approximately 10-20% of the total emergency responses

2. 80-85% of our responses are EMS now.

**BUT, here is the 600 lb gorilla in the room**

Twenty years ago, there were 6 or 7 Private Ambulance companies in our county. Today, there are 19 !!!

As tax payers, we need to control of the mindless spending, and the "interest groups" like the doctors, nurses and Fire Department Unions who have a stake in keeping everything at "status quo."

People are loosing their lives in fires. They are loosing their lives because those in the fire service are furthering agendas, instead of protecting the public.

And, to the doctors and nurses out there who don't want to hear this... too bad!

People, we need to tell the county supervisors to stop paying attention to these political "tap dancers", and change the laws so that the private services can pick up the slack and get into the game. I know if given a chance, they'd do it and gladly provide the services without a subsidy!

San Diego is a wonderful place. I love it here. And while I was one of you in a former life, I never agreed with your agendas. You are not a group of "Robin Hood" type people. You are not giving anything back to the poor... you are all only looking out for your own self interests.

Since the time a few months ago, when the African-American gentleman iodine in that fire in San Diego, I have heard a lot of union talk about the "brown-outs" that are occurring in SDFD. But, I would like to ASK this question to the City Council, and the Fire Department Management and Unions;

Would this gentleman have died, needlessly in a fire, if a private paramedic services in San Diego (provided by any one of the 19 other under utilized private ambulance providers in the county) had been handling our EMS, and were using the Multi-million dollar subsidy we pay "San Diego Medical Services Enterprises" (who are you boys fooling? RURAL METRO by any other name...), to fund our fire department and staffed that fire engine?

We can't have it both ways folks... Make the County Supervisors and City Council do the right thing, or make them ALL WALK!!!

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