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Comments made by FrankCourser

Crime Victims Group Pressures State On Paroled Inmates

Crime Victims United was founded and funded by the CCPOA (the prison guards union) The CCPOA has used them as a third party campaign contributor for years when it became blatantly obvious they were dumping millions into Political races in the state. Pete Wilson for example received 1 million dollars after signing Three Strikes into law. Gray Davis received 3.5 million dollars in exchange for a 37% pay raise to the guards. It is not surprising they want as many warm bodies as they can get! Even those that have served their time and have been since released. Crime Victims United has also helped lead the push to keep Three Strikes even for those that have never committed a violent crime ever mostly Drug users and shoplifters. This front is paid handsomely for their efforts to keep California’s prisons jam packed full all under the guise of public safety!

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Sickest Calif. Inmates Cost Millions

This article fails to mention that these inmates are guarded by not one but two prison guards. Which CDCR explains is for the inmates protection yet comes at an enormous cost to taxpayers. The prison guards union loves this policy as it increases overtime and membership due to the higher guard to inmate ratio. This will become a much larger problem due to Three Strikes and longer sentences as an ever aging inmate population grows older. It is remarkable that Three Strikes and longer sentencing were also pushed and paid for by the prison guards union. Little wonder why the department of corrections is the number one fastest growing state agency with over 62,000 employees.

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Producer's Perspective: What I Learned In Prison

Jeepman // I never write anything unless I know it is Fact! At CIW reciving overflow are housed in AD-SEG. CIW was built for 800 women, it now houses over 2600! And now C over C inmates are sent to AD-SEG. You can be sent to AD-SEG without any charge at all under the guise of an ongoing investigation. Check with ISU! I have been through it and know the drill! As far as the highest paid jailers on the planet , that also is a Fact! Post your evidence of higher prison guard pay in any other states here or any place in the world for that matter. I have never been convicted of anything ever! And I don’t work for the Prison Law office. Have you ever even been in a state prison? Or are you just a shill for the CCPOA? If so give my best to Chuck Alexander and Mike Jiminez. They can tell you I am not a liar!

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Producer's Perspective: What I Learned In Prison

Sadly these KPBS reporters never asked the hard questions about prison, they assume every answer given is correct. Why were they too afraid to just ask the inmates? Example of this “Our final stop – an unpleasant surprise -- is Administrative Segregation, prisoners too violent, too psychotic to be allowed in the general population.” In truth inmates found to break any of the prison rules such as possession of contriband such as tobacco or getting 115’s will be placed in Ad-Seg. It does not mean they were violent or psychotic. Facts is very few are violent. In many prisons those in reciving overflow will be placed in Ad-Seg because of overcrowding. Then this remark “That, and prison guards deserve whatever they want. No questions asked.” Really? The 37% pay raise given to them by Gray Davis was not good enough? Being the highest paid jailers on the planet is not good enough? Being able to retire at age 50 with 90% of their salary is not good enough? The fact 1 out of 10 will earn over $100,000 with only a GED? They get what they want through campagain contributions to the legislature and other elected officals. This article had all the same truth found at FOX news.Compare this report to Laura Sullivans PBS on Folsom Prison.

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Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

While my heart goes out to any victim of crime and especially the loss of a child, I am the father of 5 children. I would like to point out that Crime Victims United was really the brain child of the CCPOA. The prison guards union. They fully fund Crime Victims United and at the beginning housed them at their CCPOA headquarters. The idea was to use Harriet Salarno and her story to fire up the public to pass tougher laws with longer sentences that would benefit the CCPOA membership. It was brilliant and worked like a charm. California went on a prison building spree that had never been seen in any state ever! Then came Three Strikes with the murder of Polly Klass and Kimber Reynolds. That became the crowning glory for the CCPOA. Thousands would be swept up under this law. Although the ads paid for and produced by the prison guards union said it would put away the violent offenders, in truth thousands of drug users, shoplifters and petty criminals would account for the majority convicted. Today 25% of all inmates are strikers 2nd and 3rd. 65% convicted of non-violent crimes or victim-less crimes of drug possession. Harriet Salarno and her daughters death have served as the growth and profit of the CCPOA. Sadly she can not see the harm and heart break she has caused thousands of families in California.

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15 Years After 'Three Strikes' Law, Calif. Prisons Packed

There is no doubt California’s Three Strikes Law has jammed our prisons and cost taxpayers billions. Good reason why no other state in the nation has adopted California’s version. No where else in the nation can a shoplifter or drug user receive a life sentence. Yet every state in the nation has seen the same drop in crime as California. In fact strike-less New York saw a greater drop in crime and a greater drop in violent crime and is actually closing prisons while California is spending $7.7 billion dollars to expand its prison system. This really gives the lie to the argument that Three Strikes works to deter crime. If prisons were the answer to crime, then California should have mightily out shown the rest of the nation from a crime stand point and it has not! It has been a great benefit to the prison guards union whose members enjoy the highest pay in the nation and has grown union membership in an extraordinary way. So have the politicians that receive millions in campaign contributions from this union. Tax payers will foot the almost $20 billion dollars it will cost to have these petty criminals serve there full sentences.

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