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Comments made by Frank_N_Blunt

Free Training For Future Biofuel Workers

This was paid for by transferring the burden of debt onto the backs of other citizens.
Another way to allow corporateers to evade training their obligations to train employees and allow supposed non-profits to exploit their status.

May 16, 2011 at 11:05 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

California State University Considers Drastic Budget Cuts, 32% Tuition Hike

Are the citizens going to let these perps continue shaking down our social institutions?
The ties with corporateers are turning citizens into indentured servants as the perps are able to evade taxes while promoting higher fees that require citizens to go into debt. They have heisted education as a profit making opportunity while evading due contributions to public revenue as a supposed non-profit entity or abuse government access to corrupt the weak elected reps and use crony bureaucrats to enact their criminal policies.
The corrupt government continues promoting policies that contribute to socio-economic disparity, the deterioration of the nation, and virtual slavery of citizens.
Don't go to college as there is no need for it and it will bankrupt you right out of the gate as they exploit citizens to enhance the wealth of corporateers and perps that have heisted the educational system. Greed has become the administrators priority as there is no substantiation for the continued increases of tuition other than promoting debt.
End the abuse of law, resolve the socio-economic disparities, require those that should to pay their due contributions to public revenue and taxes, require the employers to support the training, and leave this place to work in another nation if not forsake such a place that would exploit you so that others can benefit from their greed and crimes.
ScAmerica has betrayed and deceived the citizens unless the righteous citizens restore the nation.

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Green Jobs Are New Sunrise Industry

The industries should fit in with the regions resources, technological support, distribution, & the customer base.
The inordinate use of water by such a scheme as biofuels doesn't fit with this region's arid climate.
Windfarms as well as PV manufacturing are situated in Mexico yet the power and panels will try to be sold back or distributed elsewhere.
Growth doesn't necessarily mean profitable, self-sustaining, or privately supported, since most are on the government dole which entails the debt burden being transferred onto the back of other citizens.
As well, how many are deemed non-profit or able to evade contributing to public revenue?
Financiers and speculators are supported by the Treasury printing press they have heisted but look to exploit other nations; private industry is on the government dole. The perps & pseudo-patriots won't risk their ill-gotten horde.
The ROI has yet to happen and likely won't unless the incompetence and corruption in government are resolved. Well, the entire ScAmerican system is dysfunctional and won't be resolved unless a revolutionary approach is taken to adjust access, attitudes, & values. Unless the problems are resolved, then ability will go the way of prestige as the crimes & dysfunction further cause ScAmerica to implode. Terrible that the citizens have allowed such people to literally give away their nation, the citizens livelihoods, and sold out the future.

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Navy Punishes 6 More for Aircraft Carrier Fire

Oddly, nobody responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster has been punished.
Another example of the disparity between rights and protections for the miltary compared to corprate that legislators are influenced to indulge.

June 21, 2010 at 11:28 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Cooking To Feed The Navy

Sure, there are many topics to discuss and I can see the opportunity for a book on the matter. Radio time is so restrictive so I appreciated the opportunity.
I made the comment about the exotic produce and being introduced to certain fruits such as the kiwi, guava, and papaya. Making port call provided opportunity to enjoy the indigenous cuisine. I thought it was a joke when the fast food joints were provided because I didn't miss them at all. Anyway, I was different than most people that merely planted themselves upon a stool at the nearest bar.
Even though I had great respect for the logistics involved with mess provisions, I mentioned that fresher was better. There needs to be mention of the refrigeration and storage technology that has made more foods to become available and nutrition to somewhat improve. Of course, that meant more energy was required to maintain that ability.
However, there are still inherent issues with ingredients, such as preservatives, and even substitutes that are used but may mislead as to being more healthy. I have an exceptional knowledge of diet and nutrition but even long periods at sea can affect the mind and impact the discipline to restrain from access or avoid some foods especially when few alternatives are available.
Near the end of my career, 2003July, I retired with some health concerns such as elevated levels of cholesterol among other matters. Undoubtedly, it was mostly from the meats and eggs/substitutes that I was relegated to eating after long periods patrolling and conducting operations in the Arabian Gulf region. I could eat SOS with a couple of over easy's too but the long-term effects weren't agreeable.
Besides that, ship's stores had geedunk composed of the usual bad nutrition suspects: sugar, salt, preservatives, fats, and even unidentifiable ingredients.
I was in the commissary recently and was surprised about preassembled care packages but the nutritional value was suspect. The matter is that many people compensate for boredom and other mental stresses by consumption. Unfortunately, the options aren't conducive to good health nor do they contribute to sustainable use of resources and environmental considerations since there are production costs, energy used for transport, excessive packaging, and disposal requirements.
Waste and destruction seem to be unresolvable issues inherent to military ops and as an environmental scientist I could analyze those matters at length. Even during service, I was an odd one that considered husbanding resources and budget management important matters while others spent at will for unnecessary things for fear of budget reductions.
Anyway, I have enjoyed recounting the tradition, history, lore, and some of the lingo (mostly fit for public consumption). Look forward to reading the book.

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Is New Chargers Stadium Worth The Investment?

A stadium only view will always be underutilized when considering the amount of time that seats are gathering dust or the facilites are vacant. The planners need to revise their vision iaw the issues and disregard unsustainable paradigms by requiring a design that implements all of the issues: schoolbrary, city hall, able to host events, interfacing with transportation that enhances access as well as encourages mass transportation, self-sustaining while providing additional services that generate income for the municipality along with contributing to socio-environmental solutions and reduced reliance on resources for construction/maintenance/operations. I don't have any faith that this view will be considered much less any means will be implemented because the people involved are narrow-focused, stubborn, and greedy that espouse propoganda and rhetoric instead of backing up the altruistic view that could solve many social and environmental problems that they have had a hand in causing. Regardless, simply by referring to the present slate and the track record, there isn't much faith that city council or other bureaucrats will be able to make arrangements that represents the citizen's best interest. Substantial and real inclusions that ensure complete and continued utilization of the facilities will help the city to alleviate the costs of some of the needs along with some wishes instead of all the hope and sunshine being promoted that would surely make this present scheme a burden and bust for the citizens while once again providing a boom for the sports, business, construction, and financial interests.

May 24, 2010 at 10:05 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego County Struggles With Shrinking Backcountry

If these communities aren't constructed under sustainable measurements that include disaster mitigation, building up not out, reducing transportation requirements, water conservation, waste reduction, and renewable energy then there is little credibility for the authorities or hope that resource crises will ever be resolved. It can be affordable and people will accept nothing less than these considerations.

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