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Many Layers, And S.D. Connections To Male Circumcision Debate

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A recent study found that sexual transmission of HIV is a distant third in the methods of transmission. If the claims of the African studies were true, it would take thousands of circumcisions to avert a single case of HIV . . . if they were true!

A recent study of all research of the last decade found "A paucity of information" to support male circumcision.

Heathersiladi: For each case of penile cancer averted, approximately 7 infants die as a direct result of their circumcisions.

A 1999 study to quantify the pain of infant circumcision was ended less than half way through "on humaitarian grounds." The most recent study showed that only 16% of infants undergoing circumcision received anesthesia for the procedure.

Hugh7: The only man I know of who has had a penile cancer had it directly on his circumcision scar.

Bailey and Halperin have both been rabid circumcision advocates for more than 25 years. Their fraudulent studies are simply an extension of their agenda. 10 years ago I predicted that as the infant circumcision rate fell to near 45%, the liars would be coming out of the woodwork. They have not disappointed me!


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Many Layers, And S.D. Connections To Male Circumcision Debate

Maureen Cavanaugh: Do you find it odd that a virtual landslide of "new studies" has come just before The American Academy of Pediatrics Taskforce on Circumcision meets to reconsider it's policy statement on circumcision? I do! At it's last meeting, they reviewed 672 research projects and could not find sufficient evidence to recommend that infants be circumcised. Do you think they will find something after a search that has gone on almost 140 years?

TFT: Yes, infant circmcision is a cash cow for the medical profession. The practice raises annual revenues of almost $1 billion a year. A recent stud found that addressing the problems and complications it causes raise the total by 48%. That does not include the treatment of early impotency it causes for older men.

Cabbage: Yes, no one wants to mention the problems or the money it makes for the medical profession. The medical profession claims a very low complication rate but a single complication, meatal stenosis affects between 9% and 31% of circumcised boys. This adds to the coffers of the medical profession. Potentially deadly staph infections are an ever present spector and the risk is 12.2 times the risk of acquiring HIV.

The HIV studies from Africa are simply a fraud. The authors claim a prophylactic effect superior to the polio vaccine. If their claims were true, HIV would be conspiciously absent from the shores of The US. Instead, The US has the highest infection rate among the industrialized nations and the demographic with the highest circumcision rate, African Americans, also has the highest infection rate with African American males representing 48% and African American females representing 80% of all infected Americans.

Penile cancer is a scare tactic of circumcision promoters. There are many reasons for this:
(1.) The incidence of penile cancer is 1:109,000 making it one of the rarest of all cancers.
(2.) There are 5 types of penile cancer. Circumcision could only affect one of them, squamous cell carcinoma in situ. Circumcision advocates never mention this.
(3.) Squamous cell carcinoma is the same type of cancer as people get on their faces and arms from sun exposure and is treated the same way. A small piece of skin is excised. It is among the most treatable of all cancers and no one should ever die from it.
(4.) There is now a vaccine for the virus that causes genital cancers that is available for both males and females that is both safe and effective. Circumcision promoters will never mention this.
(5.) Male circumcision has been a miserable failure in combating this virus. It is estimated that 70% of American adults have contracted this virus. The good news is that 97% - 98% will clear the virus with no long term effects.

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