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Comments made by Frankie

Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

Much sound and fury here, with many good points, the most important being:
"Opinion journalism has infiltrated 'non-profit' public broadcasting."

The same must be said for KPBS' compromised twin on life support, which shares a deep-pockets' funder in Filner-foe Irwin Jacobs. Too bad for San Diegans who can't abide the Manchester U-T and no longer trust VOSD or KPBS.

But let's not go to the dogs tonight: there is still the LA Times, the San Diego Reader and on-line

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Finance Expert: NYT Shareholders Unlikely To Object Over Manchester's Failed Bid

Aren't hissy-fit lawsuits the regular MO for Doug Manchester when he doesn't get his way? There was no way in hell that the New York Times Company was going to release title to the Boston Globe to a cowboy like Manchester. Never happen. If there is a god, she also will watch over the potential sale of Tribune holdings and prevent their going to such a troglodyte as the man who likes to be called "Papa Doug" and cavorts with showgirls at his 70th birthday party. With luck and divine intervention, someone will preserve responsible ownership of the great Los Angeles Times.

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Third Woman Comes Forward In Filner Harassment Scandal

The recent complainants are iffy and their complaints are so old they are festooned with Spanish moss. One is the retired Navy Admiral who fills in around town for whatever establishment jobs need a short-term six-figure figurehead. One oversees the Hospitality major at SDSU -- as in the tourism industry. (Filner recently skewered the greedy Tourism Management District.) Another woman handles Port "tenants" -- as in Papa Doug with his stymied Navy Broadway complex. The psychologist with bewitching eyes is pushing a book. McCormack, also from the Port, at least filed in Superior Court and her charge will be answered.The other two remain nameless and faceless.

Of course it is a set-up. A bunch of powerful people -- in both political parties -- hate Filner and fear him. Doubtless they have a lot of money to throw at their problem, and that is exactly what they are doing, getting the "story" out to national media, producing offended ladies who have taken years to recall their mistreatment. And locally, the anti-Filner coalition of strange bedfellows pushes KPBS to breathless unprofessionalism in its coverage of these revelations as well as the all-out assault coming from Papa Doug's "newspaper" and television show.

Filner has long been known as what someone here quaintly and accurately called a "skirt-chaser."He is no way like Wiener or Spitzer. Nonetheless, that macho proclivity is threatening his mayoral position and he will have to hang tough to hang onto his elected office. He's apologized for wrong-doing. Now he's going to residential counseling. He refuses to resign. I say good for him: intelligent motivated people can change, and I am sure he will.

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Third Woman Comes Forward In Filner Harassment Scandal

There isn't enough blame to go around, I guess.

The Mayor. The Dems. The Chamber and BIA, other banking and development oligarchs. Oh-so-late-to-the-party composed complainants Rose, the aptly named Fink, and McCormack-Jackson. Don't forget the odious City Attorney and Sheriff.

My question is, who's financing the master choreographer? A cascade like this doesn't "happen" in a vacuum and it's very hard to sustain its credibility. IMHO, it's getting silly-seeming, worthy of parody.

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Roundtable: Mayor Filner's Bad Week, Part II

KPBS staff today actually suggested that concern about "due process" was a campaign consultant's political strategy?

Among many shocking aspects of the Donna Frye/Cory Briggs/Marco Gonzalez double-whammy brought against Mayor Filner in the public square, the absence of due process was first and foremost in the minds of most people who observed that trio's attemptto force the Mayor to resign.

"Due process"is a constitutional guarantee to citizens in this country to be thought innocent until proven guilty, to be able to face their accusers and to mount a defense against charges brought against them. Not one of these elements is present in what has unfolded this week for Mayor Bob Filner.

KPBS seems to join the drumbeat for the Mayor to step down without saying so directly. You repeat old stories when there's nothing new to tell, as when Thursday's report concerning political crisis management -- using the Mayor's situation as its centerpiece -- was repeated word-for-word today, Friday.You insult listeners' intelligence when your main crisis management "expert," of two chosen for this piece, turned out to be Carl de Maio's campaign consultant!

Also, today you replayed -- how many times has it been? --an edited version of the Mayor's Univision interview. How much mileage can you get out of one "monster within" quote? When I watched the entire Univision video, it seemed to me that comment was only one part of a chastened Mayor's personal awakening to the sadness and seriousness of his situation, as well as testament to his intention to
carry on his work.

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Frye Leaves Open Government Director Post

Many thanks to Mayor Filner and Donna Frye for establishing a new framework at City Hall for an accessible system of online information about how San Diego government works!

Regular people (who are not investigative reporters) will look forward to the details of how this new openness will work. We depend on traditional media like KPBS to provide the web address, the template of newly accessible items and how-to-get-there instructions.

For example, I haven't seen specific information made public yet about what areas of inquiry are now readily available that weren't previously. Keeping a tally of what's new on the City Hall sunshine website would be helpful. If there is a revamped system, it should be described fully for the hoi polloi.

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Roundtable: Hotel Tax Judged; 10 Years In Iraq; Some Homeless Housed; Padres Fans V. Broadcasters.

Pat Finn:

You compound the problem here by skating away from responsibility for both Mark Sauer's false statement about Mel Shapiro and David Rolland's dismissive characterization of him by changing the subject. Now all three of you owe Shapiro an apology and your listeners a promise to be less glib in future.

Importantly,Shapiro has weighed in publicly -- and with documentation -- that both he and the City Attorney believe there is a clear distinction between levying "fees" and assessing "taxes" that require a public vote. This will be an issue in days to come as the Mayor decides what to do about his embargo of money taken by hotel owners to promote their Tourism Management District.

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Roundtable: Hotel Tax Judged; 10 Years In Iraq; Some Homeless Housed; Padres Fans V. Broadcasters.

KPBS' Mark Sauer pejoratively mischaracterized civic activist Mel Shapiro as someone who is always "anti-tax" and David Rolland only semi-corrected that misstatement by labeling Shapiro as a "gadfly."

The truth is that Mel Shapiro is a very intelligent long-time advocate for transparent good government. Shapiro believes that San Diego hoteliers' 3% "fee" levied on tourists is an illegal surtax that requires a vote of the people, and he has made public City Attorney
Goldsmith's concurring written opinion.

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Filner Stresses Transit, Environments, Neighborhoods In State Of The City

Thank you for this refreshingly balanced and accurate report.

I sat in the Balboa Theater next to an African-American gentleman who, in retirement, has relocated to San Diego where his adult son lives. We introduced ourselves and shook hands. I asked what moved him to attend the State of the City event. He said, "This is a historic occasion," and mentioned that he was a native of Alabama and wanted to be present as Mayor Bob Filner, a Democrat and former Freedom Rider, now took the helm of San Diego city government.

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Gun Control Legislation

Thanks for this comment, JeanMarc, it reminds me to pass along what I heard on KPBS today. Apparently there are about 300 million guns circulating in the United States -- almost one per person. But the NUMBER OF GUN OWNERS is NOT GROWING. Rather, the increase is because GUN OWNERS -- presumably like you and the late Mrs. Lanza -- ARE BUYING MORE GUNS.

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