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Comments made by Frankie

Sen. Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Gun Control Legislation

Jaeger -- the name of a hunting falcon, if I am not mistaken -- we could also outfit our school principals with small grenades to neutralize potential threats at their campuses. Or how about lethal drones?

Instead, we need to get on Dianne Feinstein's bandwagon here, thank her for her courage in proposing this legislation and encourage our legislators in Congress to support it. Period. Do it today.

Personally, I don't want my elementary school principal armed to the teeth. I don't want to shop in malls alongside people carrying concealed weapons. "Legally armed people" get on my nerves. We want to model something else for our domestic society. We need to eliminate the likelihood of people being blown away
in a home-accident or an argument or as a result of a grudge or because of paranoid ideation by someone bearing legal high-powered firearms.

Assault weapons need to be removed from the For Sale table and ammo clips of many rounds need to be prohibited as well. After that, we can start to re-fund our decimated mental health programs and work on finding peace and love.

In Scotland, where there were FIVE shooting deaths in the last year, assault weapons are banned and handgun ownership is strictly limited. After a similarly horrific school massacre in a small Scottish town some years ago, the national gun law was further strengthened to require that legal handguns be secured at gun clubs, not at home.

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Judging San Diego's Judicial Candidates (Video)

This is an important story and an excellent thorough examination of the issues and the judicial rating process. You are to be congratulated.The community needs to know how much is at stake when ideologues of any persuasion infiltrate our justice system.

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Some Question The Tactics Of The Election Integrity Project In San Diego

Good luck, Peking Duck, on getting any action after filing a formal complaint to Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

I wrote to her last May 31 and still have received no response about a new practice by San Diego Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler who had sold information to a conservative blog called San Diego Rostra concerning the political parties of absentee voters whose ballots are returned to the Registrar prior to the election.

I think publishing such numbers can discourage late voter turnout, much as exit polling does, and that it also breaches voter ballot privacy. Seiler dismisses such concerns, saying, it's all public information available to whomever wants to pay. She said to the U-T, "If a voter stays out there because of something like this, I think it is just an excuse." She refused to answer my follow-up questions, so I wrote to the
Secretary of State Bowen on May 31. No answer from her either, and it's already
September 17.

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Roundtable: Manchester, Orchestra Nova, Vets and Martial Arts

That was a disgracefully content-free conversation yesterday about the Manchester takeover of daily journalism in San Diego with reporter Rob Davis, the ever-glib Tony Perry and emcee Mark Sauer. If KPBS is to be an alternative news source, you will need to do better. For starters, your moderator needs to quit interrupting callers in mid-comment and cutting them off!

I heard the program and have reviewed the transcript here. Not one word was devoted to the important influence of a metropolitan daily newspaper's investigative journalism on the commonweal -- the public good. That's why it's called the Fourth Estate -- as important in its role as the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are in theirs. If the people don't learn the facts about what's happening -- or get a skewed version of the truth -- they cannot act in their own best interest.

Yesterday you delivered shallow buzz about personalities, style, money, celebrity gossip and insider trivia. The sole example given of enterprising journalism -- when long-gone San Diego Union-Tribune Washington Bureau's Marcus Stern finally got the green light to uncover the bribery scandal of GOP Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham -- is so ancient it could be moss-covered.

Opinionating and cheerleading belong on the editorial page, not in the news columns of a reputable newspaper. "Being positive" about the community only works when there's something "positive" to talk about -- and never to the exclusion of reality. If the positive news is big-business National Football League sports, that belongs on the sports page. We may be experimenting with fashionable notions of "multiple platforms" for journalism, but the old rules apply -- now more than ever. Without a strong daily newspaper, there will be no free marketplace of ideas, and the community will suffer.

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Lifeguards Pose Solution For Children's Pool

First of all, Ed Harris is another well-intentioned interventionist who cannot speak for the Lifeguards or for the City -- a point he made explicitly clear when presenting this idea to the La Jolla Parks and Beaches committee. Secondly, his idea is preposterous. Moving boulders around on the beach seasonally? Bulldozing sand for an annual "cleaning?" Ridiculous and profoundly intrusive.

Understandably, Harris does not like mediating conflicts among seal-lovers and divers at the Children's Pool site. But he should tend to the more pressing issue of getting the eyesore temporary pipe-and-plastic Lifeguard station off the sidewalk at Coast Blvd. and continue to focus on the safety of folks in the water.

It should be noted that Coastal Commission staff has opined in favor of a "year-round rope" to protect people and seals from each other on the sand. That's what's up for consideration at the meeting next week.

In fact,the first untoward human intervention occurred long ago when a well-intentioned and misguided benefactress paid for construction of a seawall at the so-called Children's Pool. That act has led to today's literal and figurative mess at the site.

If the City Council and Mayor had an ounce of courage or independence, they would agree it is imperative to open the sluice gates in the seawall to clean the beach with tidal flows or raze the wall entirely and return the shoreline landscape to it original form. The seals would still haul out on nearby rocks or occasionally on the sand, but they would no longer cause the environmental and social mess that now exists.

Today the beach is filthy; the water is polluted with unhealthy bacteria; seals and humans come into too-close contact endangering both species; everyone quarrels over beach access on the sidewalk and now, even fed-up Lifeguards are getting in on the act.

There is an answer here, but Ed Harris' boulders and backhoes are not it. City Council and the Mayor should act in common to remedy what has become an intractable civic and environmental problem.

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Conversation Swirls Around Permanent Kiss Statue

We in San Diego really are made to look like fools by the rich idiots from our military-industrial complex who embrace sexist "art" like "Unconditional Surrender." Painting bronzes? Who in the history of fine art ever did this? I await the answer. Also, doesn't the USS Midway endanger its own fund-raising by financing a folly like this?

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Gov. Brown Details Budget For Tackling $16 Billion Shortfall

I am appalled that you were technically lame today in presenting the Governor's
10 a.m. important live press conference on the May Revise of the California state budget.

KPBS came in late, there were glitches throughout the transmission and finally you unceremoniously cut out at less than 20 minutes, while the dialogue was continuing.

People want to hear Brown's explanation for the huge 2012 budget shortfall and what he intends to do about it-- not "World Have Your Say." KPBS has dropped the ball.

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San Onofre Still Offline Three Weeks Later

I thought Maureen Cavanaugh did a good job today unraveling the complex stories about SDG&E attempts to palm off costs of the Witch Fire onto ratepayers and the ongoing shutdown of San Onofre's leaky nuclear power plant with no explanation for the mishap and no remedy or re-start in sight.

Both of these stories have or will have an impact on San Diego residents, but understanding them is elusive and beyond the public's ken. For the first time that I can recall, Maureen asked tough questions that revealed how this huge utility can afford to delay outcomes and disguise its public responsibility while protecting hefty stockholders' profits.

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County Official Says Food Stamp Hotline Problems Started One Year Ago

The best part of this interview is when KPBS' Joanne Faryon calls Sandra McBreyer "Brenda." Faryon should have zeroed in on the fact that 17 additional County staff have been hired to hang up on people and demanded to know the timetable for additional hiring.What a disgrace.

Needless to point out, HSS head Macchione isn't going to criticize the Supes who sign his paycheck -- which, by the way is how much $ -- and Sandra McBreyer, who is paid to run "The Children's Initiative," shockingly had nothing intelligible to add to this conversation. No wonder she got called the wrong name.

Editor Andrew Donohue at the voiceofsandiego, gives Macchione "credit" for going on TV after this scathing report by U-T investigative reporter Jeff McDonald. Donohue must not have looked at this program. But kudos to Jeff McDonald for following this scandal and keeping on keeping on.

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SDPD Rogue Officers Cause Embarrassment

I am curious: why wasn't J.W. August, managing editor for Channel 10 News, on the program today? If I remember correctly, it was Channel 10 that broke the first of these cascading stories on SDPD misconduct. It would seem to be a natural choice for this Editors' Roundtable.
And what happened to John Warren, editor of the Voice & Viewpoint? As an African-American, he might also have had a unique point of view on the subject of police misbehavior in this town.

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