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Comments made by GB

The Case Of The San Diego PhD Asked To Work For Free

I find a lot more than the position "off-putting." I realize the VA is underfunded, but "offering" a volunteer position or accepting a volunteer at this level still makes me queasy. I knew businesses advertised for unusual people so they can hire a particular candidate or outsource, but it makes me angry when a tax-payer supported one plays those games. And given their limited resources, why is the VA researching MRSA? One might think their research would focus on veteran-specific or prevalent issues. What are the lines of responsibility etc. when someone is a volunteer at the VA? Are there other volunteers doing traditionally paid work there? How did it come about that this person offered himself or herself? Gee, why does he/she want to leave Egypt? :-p
Aside from that last question, I hope Dr. Crotty will make herself available for an interview.
I don't usually react to a story with such a rant. Perhaps I've applied to too many overly-specific job advertisements in my own industry.

October 25, 2013 at 5:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )