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Comments made by Galactic_Cannibal

Camp Pendleton Suffers 2nd Greatest Loss of Life in Iraq War

No one is forgetting our great troops EVER. But the tragedy is that our great troops are used by our slime bag politicians for no good reasons . Think Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.
Clearly our political slime bags learned nothing from Vietnam where 58000 of our troops were killed , and about 2 million Vietnamese were killed in that WAR.
Notice in recent days these slime bag politicians refer to the WAR in IRAQ as a "Military Mission" while conducting their staged muted ceremony to end the IRAQ war, This ceremony took place in a secured antiseptic concrete yard in Baghdad.. There were no cheering flag waving masses.
As opposed to Shock -n-Awe when we rained down bombs and missiles on Baghdad and the rest of IRAQ. And our idiot Pres Bush announced "Mission Accomplished" while prancing round the deck of a carrier in front of that stupid banner. "Mission Accomplished". Yet the IRAQ war continued for 8 more years after his PR propaganda event on the carrier...
Slime bags all , but the question is how do the American people change this war mongering mind set. Kick out all these slime bags and replace them with what , a new crop of the same breed.. Sadly that will not happen so prepare yourselves for the next WAR which they will start. Does IRAN comes to mind ?

December 17, 2011 at 9:56 a.m. ( | suggest removal )