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Comments made by Gatornavy

Miramar Air Show Cancelled Due To Government Shutdown (Video)

I guess he doesn't want to talk about this anymore since I asked a pointy question. Just goes to show how ignorant I am concerning military spending. Typical ignorant 26 year military veteran. That's me alright.

My POINT was:

Revenue generated by air shows (and such) directly benefits ME. Any on-base profit STAYS on base and gets cycled back into MWR/Retail venues enjoyed by those of us in uniform, our dependents and retirees. Air show money is good for us and the in-town businesses that benefit from a spike in patronage caused by increased tourist traffic.

Revenue expended (which exceeds profit generated), comes directly from OUR tax dollars. Some tax paying citizens might have heart burn with their tax dollars supporting these types of events which are designed to recruit our youth and entertain the masses.

Any profits generated from ticket sales and retail (popcorn and sodas) goes to the company (MCCS, AAFES, NEX) NOT to pay for the flight hours, fuel, parts, labor, medical, security and all the other stuff required to make an air show run safely and smoothly.

But don't listen to me. I'm ignorant.

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Miramar Air Show Cancelled Due To Government Shutdown (Video)

I did NOT know that. Where does the 1.5 million go? When you say "cash generator for the Marines", exactly which PART of the Marines? I will admit my ignorance here. I always thought any profit from such events went to whichever contractor running MWR "stuff" on whichever base such events were sponsored by. In this case, I was under the impression that any proceeds from said air show went back into MCCS coffers. Have I always been wrong about this?

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Miramar Air Show Cancelled Due To Government Shutdown (Video)

Air shows are "cool". I have enjoyed a few. They also cost a LOT of federal taxpayer $$$ for the sake of some entertainment. Military air shows do NOT = "cheap" thrills. This is a prime example of something that DOD should cancel PERMANENTLY or at least until such a time as our economy is back in black (if that is even remotely possible).

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San Diego Airman MIA For 43 Years To Be Buried At Arlington National Cemetery

That is awesome! This shut down B.S. is a slap in the face but I am thankful for folks stepping up to fill the missing links.

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Marine Corps To Reduce Presence In San Diego, Councilman Says

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California To Expand Access To Abortions

But Tokyo is my HERO! I am crying from laughing so hard. Thanks Tokyo!

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California To Expand Access To Abortions

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Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

Duck, I find it equally curious that you completely ignore the FIRST post, which ignited my outrage AND the subsequent broad, crude, swipes at the military by others in here (most of which were rooted in complete ignorance yet presented with an arrogant and elitist tone).
Before calling “foul” on me for defending myself and my brothers and sisters in uniform against a direct and deliberate attack on our character, why don’t you go back to the instant replay (above) and review “his” first post and others. I made broad, crude, generalizations in kind. Stated another way, kiss my A55. How is that for a “high road” response?
Duck, now that I have dispensed with the pleasantries, I would like to address a statement made by you. I AGREE 100% with: “We could eliminate a lot of defense spending and still remain the world's largest military power by far."
Furthermore, I submit that we (as a nation) could eliminate a lot of federal spending across the board while improving the standard of living for many if not all Americans.
While it is no secret that DOD represents a tremendous drain on our national coffers, I know (fact) DOD is not the “Lone Ranger”. I know the "golden rule" of federal spending. Here it is:
"Thou shall spend every last penny from thy annual budget OR thou shall receive less money for next year’s annual budget."
The “golden rule” governs our entire federal fiscal system. And it just gets worse. From personal experience over nearly 30 years in DOD service; all year, we need stuff to do our mission. All year, we try to buy said stuff but the holders of the purse strings will press the "stop spending" button from time to time. Some of this stuff, you have to get while the getting is good. When the "off button" is pressed, you can’t get it. Near the end of the fiscal year (August-September time frame), the holders of the purse strings start freaking out over having too much money left over.
Now, a responsible adult would invest any "left over" money in a savings account, or a CD or gamble it on the open market in hopes of making it grow. But your Uncle Sam does not work that way. Your Uncle Sam says "SPEND, SPEND, SPEND”! It does not matter that you can't spend the money on the stuff you originally needed. That stuff had to be purchased with funds from a specific "pot" of money. The pot you NEEDED to be full is now empty but there is this other pot, or multiple pots, that contain a surplus. So your uncle says spend THAT money on stuff weather you need the stuff or not because, if you don't, the "master pot" won't be as full next FY. So, big money gets dumped on nonsense each and every year.
Why our Uncle can't be responsible by taking all that end-of-year money back and investing it in the 17 trillion debt is beyond my ability to understand. I say again, this is NOT a problem exclusive to DOD. This is our federal tax dollars at work. It makes me just as angry as anyone else because I ALSO PAY TAXES.

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Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

Archy, which is where I wanted to go but got sidetracked. Paychecks are NOT the issue here.

Benz, perhaps I chastized him a tad too vehemently? Nah, not really. Maybe it was his attempt at humor or maybe not. Either way, not funny in light of the shutdown which is directly impacting many of us in our wallets. Perhaps you are not affected. Many of us are and it is far more serious to those of us living under the threat of missed mortgage payments. I have junior enlisted neighbors who count on the commissary so we had them over for extra meals last week. Hence my extreme sensitization to "John Q Public" who has ZERO practical knowledge of the subject but chooses to poke fun at it. I make no apologies for my welldeck voice. Besides, I'm perfectly calm..."calmer than you are".

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Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

Just to be clear, here is what initiated this entire thread:

CaliforniaDefender | October 1, 2013 at 3:26 p.m. ― 6 days, 21 hours ago
"Oh no, they're going to have to shop at supermarkets with.... civilians! Oh the horror!"

(Side note: I and many of "us nasty military types" shop at Ralphs, Vons, Fresh & Easy and other stores on a weekly basis and all without looking at you NON-military "types" with contempt or annoyance or thinking to ourselves, "Oh God, how I HATE shopping here surrounded by all these....these....CIVILIANS. Unclean! Unclean! I need a shower!!!")

A juvenile, snide, unnecessary, misdirected, clearly angry and clearly for the sake of attempting some level of sarcastic anti-establishment humor directed at, who knows who; the most junior enlisted folks who are just trying to make ends meet? HARDLY an intelligent, thoughtful way to begin a meaningful conversation about defense overspending, a dialogue in which I would happily participate were there any intelligent, thoughtful, genuinely concerned and half-way informed “liberals” to engage with. I typed the word “liberals” this way to express purposeful contempt in kind.

I am SICK to my stomach with you A55H0Le snobby “liberals” and your senseless, crappy, derogatory, contemptuous, discriminatory attitudes towards everyone and everything even remotely associated with the US military, which is the only government organization designed, built and maintained from the ground up by your fellow citizens since the VERY BEGINNINGS of our nation with the EXPRESS purpose of protecting you, us and our way of life. Honestly, I don't understand where this contempt comes from. Is it some form of misdirected jealousy? Do all of you walk around all day with some kind of inferiority complex because you've never been challenged or have always failed to overcome the personal challenges in your own lives? Really, what is it? What bug crawled up your collective rectum and has you all in such a tizzy?

Again, for the sake of clarity, this “dialogue”, if we can call it such, began with a crappy dig at people who clearly care more about you and our nation than any of you do. CADef, you are weak and thoughtless. You do not care about run away government spending. You just look for places in cyberspace where you can thumb your nose at what you perceive to be the same bullies who beat you up during 3rd period in the 8th grade (which 99% of us who serve are NOT) or simply as an outlet for your own misdirected angst at leading such a “wussified” existence. I am done with you..

HOWEVER, if anyone reading this has an intelligent, informed opinion to share concerning runaway defense spending, I will happily engage and, to the shock of some, probably agree on many levels with “left leaning” folks. Having served in uniform for 26+ years and STILL working within DOD, I have some idea of just how pervasive runaway spending really is.

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