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Comments made by Gatornavy

Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

"those who benefit from the military-industrial complex." Oh, then you must be referring to the nonsense you yourself are spewing. Part of my point exactly you boob. YOU benefit from "the complex". If you were born a US citizen, then YOU have benefitted since the day you were born. You benefit from it now and you will benefit from it every day and for the rest of your pointless life or for as long as you CHOOSE to retain your United States citizenship. Without "it", you would not be free to run your suck in here or anywhere else in the nation. Idiot. The $17 trillion debt is not result of paying our men and women in uniform. It is the result of the callous and careless "use" of them in 2 (recent) wars that NO ONE, not even those morons in congress, voted for. Those of us who serve or who have served do not have the luxury of asking "why" or "opting out" based on personal beliefs. Speaking strictly for myself, what I take offense at is your unquestioning willingness to completely disregard the simple fact that WE are part of YOU. We are your neighbors. We work. We pay taxes. We vote. We love and raise our families. We prop up the economy. PLUS, we are willing to GIVE OUR LIVES for all of that AND jerks like you who won't lift a finger to actually participate. You would rather just sit on the sidelines whining and moaning about the economy and the sad state of world affairs. Have you ever paused to consider the possibility that WE (those of us "who benefit from the military industrial complex") are also pissed off about the $17 trillion debt? Of course you haven't. You are too ignorant and closed minded to consider military people as PEOPLE first. News flash: This country is bleeding $$$ from every orifice. But simpletons like you would rather blame one easy target, your “military industrial complex”,because that is the EASY thing to do. And yes, the side effect is pissing off a lot of people, BETTER people than yourself, who will continue to do that which is necessary to keep you safe because you, weather I like it or not, are my brother. Acknowledge that fact or don't. I would not care either way. However, when you, and your like minded lefty loonies, start taking verbal pot shots at America's sons and daughters who go into harm’s way FOR YOU every single freaking day - while surviving hardships and atrocities that you cannot even begin to imagine - yes, I get angry. Golly gee whiz, what a shocker! Simple minds would rather seek simple solutions. What a shame and worse, why we are in the financial mess that we are in as a nation. YOU are part of this problem. Stop pointing your finger. Here's another "oh, by the way"; the "reduction in force" is here, now, today, as it is following every major military conflict since the beginning of US military conflicts. Tap your little digits in Google and see for yourself. Major personnel cutbacks began kicking in 3-4 years ago and they are ongoing now. Dummy, what are you bitching about?

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Government Shutdown To Close San Diego-Area Military Commissaries On Wednesday

Aww stick it “CaliforniaDefender”! “Defender”! LMAO! What would you know about it? As if you have ANY clue as to the meaning defending anything. Self-appointed, internet town criers like you wouldn’t have a California to "defend" if not for those of us and the generations of those before us who had the testicular fortitude to stand up and fight for pathetic, spineless, weakling weasels such as yourself. $50K is cheap! Your math is NOT accurate because you don’t understand how military pay and benefits work because you have never served IN the military. So, your utter ignorance aside, OUR tax dollars fetch a LOT of bang for the buck. These kids are willing to TRADE THEIR LIVES for whatever meager salary Uncle Sam deems adequate. They are willing to trade their lives FOR YOU dip-squat. The really sad part is; smug little fairies such as yourself with nothing better to do than spew your goat smelling UNINFORMED opinions hatched from places of ZERO EXPERIENCE while sipping your pinot noire in the cozy comfort of your Barcalounger are the very butt-wipes they are sworn to defend. The same thing always comes to mind whenever I hear from idiots like you. I always have the same thought; if you don’t like your tax dollars going to pay for Airman Joey and Lance Corporal Jenny, PLEASE renounce your US citizenship and immigrate to another country where they DON’T PAY the "military". Instead, they force 12 year olds kids from their homes in the middle of the night and “press” them into “service” at gun point. Kidnapped children become slaves to whatever war lord happens to be in power that day. Young people in other places around the globe become “child soldiers”; often controlled by drug addiction and coerced into to committing unimaginable acts of violence against ordinary, everyday people. Why don’t you try immigrating to Kenya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran, Columbia, or Libya? I’m sure your First Amendment Rights will be so much more protected and revered there than here in the “Republic of California”. As a side note; I absolutely, positively, 100% agree that 25% is TOO MUCH of OUR tax dollars to pay for national defense. You see, WE, those of us serving or who have served in the armed forces of these United States, ALSO PAY TAXES, you dummy! However, salaries for uniformed personnel are but a fraction of where all that money goes. But that is a different topic altogether and one that I am wholly uninterested in discussing with the likes of you. By the way; you’re welcome.

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