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Comments made by GeraldGrott

IV Update: Water Pact, Sunrise Powerlink

The prevailing ideas about the Salton Sea became out of date following my well attended presentation of ' Changing Waste Irrigation Waters from Pollutant to Beneficial Products ; A Study of Recovery and Use of Salts from the Salton Sea" at the 8th World Salt Symposium , 2000, held at The Hague, Netherlands, Since then 7 US Patents have issued for uses of these recycled products and more applications are pending. These patents provide all of the practical know-how that is required for turning curently wothless land adjoining the Sea and future exposed land into premier sites for recreation and increased employment. Additionally, patent applications pending and in preparation provide methods whereby the current polluted water from the Salton Sea can be cleaned up using largely self-supporting methods to make it excellent for swimming and other recreational use in lakes along the shore. California is hauling in dust control salts from as far as Ogden,Utah, is already importing up to 250,000 tons/year of common salt and looking at an increase of another 250,000 tons/year of imports when all that salt could come from the Salton Sea.
State of CA owns that polluted water in the Salton Sea and should just put that water up for bid and get out of the way of private enterprise. Gerald Grott

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