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Comments made by GortonB

Elderly Members Of Atheist Group Face Jeers, Fears From Peers

<blockquote>I have been researching atheism for a book and your piece on atheists is very misleading.</blockquote>

So, in your research have you actually spoken to any atheists, contacted any atheist organisations or actually read any atheist literature?

<blockquote>Atheists are the least tolerant of any world view. </blockquote>

Evidently not. In fact it looks like, your research is just the following:

<blockquote>Go to any atheist forum on the internet whether it be Youtube or Craigslist and you will find the most hateful, arrogant and vicious people on the planet. </blockquote>

YouTube is not an atheist forum, and nor is Craigslist. YouTube is forum on which people of all ideologies and none, share videos. Craigslist is an online classifieds sales website. If this is the standard of your research, your faith isn't what is making people laugh at you.

Further, before you start throwing around "least tolerant" claims, consider that Christians are noted for damaging atheist billboards, trying to get atheist bus adverts banned, refusing to publicly accept atheist money for good causes (EG the American cancer society and the American Civil Liberties Union), refusing to sell flowers to be delivered to atheists going through a rough time (Netflorist) heck Christians are even willing to change civil laws regarding Christmas displays because one year in a total fluke atheists won the most plots to put up their displays.

A few snarky comments online is nothing next to how so many Christians seem to act offline.

December 29, 2012 at 10:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )