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Comments made by GrammaK

Local Syrians Want Action, Military Suicides And Insurance, Plastic Bags May Get Tossed

The reason any of these guys are killing themselves because of the horrible things they did while they were in the Middle East. All we have to do is watch the video Manning leaked of the reporters and those who came to help, clearly with children in the van to know what's really been going on over there to see when they get back to the real world they can't live with the person they became in a war situation.

I had a friend return from Vietnam Nam. He was a gunner on a helicopter. WhenI asked about US prisoner of war camps. He laughed and said they would pick up the prisoners and push them out the door of the helicopter and bet each other which prisoner would hit the ground first. The fact that Manning refused to launch an attack on women and children, and the government KNEW it was only women and children, photos of American soldiers urinating on the bodies of people they just killed, it is pretty obvious that anyone with a conscience would carry a massive burden of guilt upon return to a life in the real world! Must have missed that part of the show.

September 15, 2013 at 11:28 a.m. ( | suggest removal )