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Comments made by Grammie1991

Do You Pay Extra Property Taxes? Mello-Roos: Who's Paying What (Video)

Mine is a nightmare. We moved here from out of state....never heard of Mello Roos, I was never told of them by the developer. They told my husband, but never disclosed the ammount - my husband was dumb, and never asked further. But you know, HOW would you know about something like this. Our Mello Roos are $46,500.00. We bought our home for $425K. I found out much later that our MR is this: About $4K per year, with a 5% interest rate. The payment increases 2% per year, and the payments go for 30 years. If I add all this up, I come up with over $130K "extra". Where on God's earth, would you EVER expect to pay something like that??? Where. And with virtually no information given to us. Its buried in our paperwork we signed when we purchased the home. People say, you should have done research. How in gods name would I EVER think of something like this, that is soooo out of this world high. We came from out of state and did not know about this. We only looked at homes in my sons city - we live in Lincoln, near Sacramento. And on top of all this, our city never put our parks in, or the school - and now all we look at is empty fields with weeds.

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Mello-Roos Law Allows Vote Of One To Decide On New Taxes

Oh, and I should add, that on top of paying ALL this "extra", we are not getting anything for it. The Parks that should have been built in my community, and the "school" the land sits vacant. There is no money in the city to build them. Weeds sit where parks should be. Our "extra" money was used on other things. It's truley bend over time. And no way out.

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Mello-Roos Law Allows Vote Of One To Decide On New Taxes

We moved here from Washington State - never heard of MR. Bought a new home in the Sacramento area. We wanted to move within walking distance to my son and his family. He knew of MelloRoos, but never thought of telling us about them, because he had purchased his home in 2000, and his was so small he never gave it a thought. Less than $1,800 total. I bought my new home in the same city - Lincoln. After a year, and taking a look at our taxes I found out the Mello Roos were really high. I was told a story after a story....well the short end of it, our Mello Roos are $46,000.00 AND we are charged 5% interest per year, AND it gets upped by 2% per year AND its for 30 years. My yearly payments are about $4,000 extra on top of all the other taxes!!! no one sat us down to tell us the "terms" of this. NO ONE. And we are stuck. This was suppose to be our retirement home. I have no idea what we are going to do. If I add up all the payments over the 30 years - it will come out to OVER $130,000.00 This is on a home that is valued right now at $280,000.00

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