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Comments made by Gravity_Boy

Roundtable: Filner v. Hoteliers; UT-TV Examined; CPR Ethics; Drone Medal Controversy

On the medals for Drone pilots, bunkum. Drone strikes for one are unlawful, inhumane and break the Constitution of the United States of America. Drone strikes are being done in areas not at war, to people not engaged in acts of aggression, nor proof of such aggression; all on hearsay.

Ask yourself who the Constitution of the United States of America serves? Do these laws and ideals only provide for American citizens alone? Do we believe that the "All men are created equal" in our Declaration of Independence refers only to the men we choose? Are we such hypocrites that we want protection for ourselves only, that law protects us only; even if it means killing others?

Have we seen any evidence which supports the needs for summary executions of thousands around the globe? Executions without trial, without evidence, and based on hearsay that can be kept secret anyway?

Medals for cowards in control rooms is a disgrace to Audie Murphy, Pat Tillman, and countless other hero soldiers and hero American citizens, many who died earning their honors.

Medals for cowards in control rooms is a disgrace to humanity and seems to be nothing more than trying to give honor to minions that pull the trigger for the true criminals; the criminals to our Constitution, to our nation, to the people; to humanity. Medals for Murder, how else could they calm those souls.

When they start killing Americans on our soil, and keep the evidence secret because they need to, will you feel safer, will you feel safer for your children? Do you think the tortured souls that lead to holocausts like Hitler and Pol Pot would never take power here?

It is the actions of murder without proof, without trial, and without law, that tell you those responsible are not working for a better America; the medals are nothing more than an attempt to ease the minds of those fooled into executing their crimes.

March 8, 2013 at 2:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

What Happens If You Don't Cooperate At Inland Check Points?

As a veteran and after taking the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, I read that document. Using the information gleaned from time in American History class and history in general, I understood what the framers were attempting to do with the Constitution and the Amendments.

The stopping at the border patrol to be searched by dogs is Unconstitutional, but then so it the searches at the airport. I am shamed to know that so many Americans feel it necessary to forgo their rights, to forsake the Constitution because they "Don't want to be harassed."

I am proud of Terry Bressi for standing up to his rights as an American citizen under the law of our Constitution, those of you who think his actions are a waste, my service to this nation includes you even though your service is weak, those who fill the graves at Arlington and other places served you as well.

The Fourth Amendment was to protect against actions like those of the government of King George, actions employed against the colonists, by stopping their movement, inspecting their goods and confiscating materials; a form of control over the citizenry.

Has it gotten so bad here that we should trust others for our rights?

The only thing that has kept the people safe in this nation is our laws, not the military, but the laws which define our society. If the laws look like fascism, then that is what we have, if the laws look like feudalism then that is what we have.

The shame I see is how many people get down on the true hero who defends the laws at his own peril.

If the actions of our government increases their power over the people, then this is not actions of Patriots, and their loyalty to the Constitution and to the people should be questioned vigorously!

A Note to Border Patrol agents at these checkpoints, please read the Constitution, with a mind on the history of man. Understand that even if it is under orders from your superiors, the Constitution is the highest law in our country and without a Constitutional amendment ratified by two thirds of the states, the laws of this document cannot be changed, and ignorance is no excuse, nor is fear.

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