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Comments made by Greenamyer

The High Cost of Health Care (Part 4)

What an interesting debate! At least there were no "astro-turf" protesters. Congressmen Bilbray and Filner were civil. Thank you for that. Congressman Bilbray was also way off base in his comments. When he does the math, he'll see that every caller supported health care or health insurance reform. One of his own constituents even addressed her concern to Congressman Filner because she knew talking to her rep was hopeless! What a fine recommendation!

In essence, we need a public plan option. The private insurance industry makes the best case for a public option....that they can't compete (ie; make huge profits if there's competition.) If the private insurers are competitive, they should have no problem with that. If they aren't, they should dissolve and seek employment elsewhere.

"The crazy surfer from North County" tried more scare tactics by noting a doctor and nursing shortage in the future. If he truly believes in the free market, more insured people will demand more suppliers of care. What a great opportunity for our youth as they consider future careers.

The Kaiser model, to which I belong, is one that's never mentioned, but should be considered as a national model. Doctors are salaried, preventive treatment is stressed, records are automated and I am always treated courteously and professionally each time I need to visit. Good models exist here and in other countries like Norway.

I believe Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. The economic and social benefits we'll reap from a healthier society are hard to measure but also hard to deny. Knowing you have healthcare for you and your family gves you peace of mind, which translates into a more productive positive, healthier citizenry. The one thing I agree with Congressman Bilbray on is the importance of prevention. Smoking, drinking, overeating, and drug-use are all are choices some people make that increase their health risks. Rather than punish them, however, I would reward healthy, fit citizens who use the system less by reducing whatever health premium they pay. This potential fee reduction may motivate health abusers to seek help for their addiction and benefit physically and financially from their new life choice. Sorry this rambles, but this is the most important issue facing our country as we move forward.

August 6, 2009 at 10:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )