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Comments made by GreensPlease

Using Spring Produce To Cook Delicious Vegetarian Dishes

I've been a vegetarian (mostly vegan) for 23 years. After traveling to other major cities such as Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York, I am constantly amazed and disappointed that San Diego restaurants have been so slow to embrace vegetarian options. Local restaurants tend to be the same combinations of flavors (roasted red pepper, portobello mushrooms, pasta with tomato/basil/garlic, garden burgers or heavy cream sauces) with little to no protein (except dairy) and green vegetables. It would be tremendously appreciated to see creative attempts and rotating menus for vegetarians. Mushrooms are not a protein source. Often, the same, unchanging vegetarian option is on a menu. So if I don't want that vegetarian lasagna this time, I need to go home.

My brother, Jason Graham, Executive Chef at Cal-a-Vie Spa, uses only vegetable stock for preparing grains and sauces so that dishes are easily made vegetarian.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison is a great vegetable cooking book.

Thank you for this topic, please continue these sorts.

April 20, 2010 at 10:29 a.m. ( | suggest removal )