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Comments made by Griffiths

Many Layers, And S.D. Connections To Male Circumcision Debate

Dr. Bidair is like so many in his field -- all clinical and totally oblivious to individual rights and self-determination. No loving, well-meaning parent should have the right to order the amputation of a nerve- and blood vessel-rich specialized body structures to satisfy such notions as a human MIGHT have some medical issue someday or for cosmetic or social reasonss. It is outrageous that the medical industry can get away with this scheme with misinformed and uninformed parents. The first caller so conveniently had an anecdote about a boy at 5 whom, she says, "needed" to be circumcised, when perhaps simply stretching exericises would have been fine.
Someone needs to call the the medical industry on the issues of millions of dollars to be made on ginning up new pretexts for circumcision and seeking CDC and AAP endorsement of a new push for circumcisions. Having left our son intact 35 years ago, having two intact grandson and my own restored foreskin, we know the benefits of skin coverage. Follow the money, folks. The medical folks like Bidair have a lot at stake here. Stop the screaming of baby boys and allow them a choice to be whole. If some pervert dream up the notion today of cutting off a chunk of a baby's penis, he'd be put into the slammer instantly. How macabre, how repulsive for circumcision to endure.

January 25, 2010 at 9:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )