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Comments made by HadEnough

SD City Council Calls For Repeal Of Arizona's Immigration Law

The hard working, tax paying "citizens" of San Diego would have been
appalled to see their illegal alien activist City Council in action yesterday.
It was a well orchestrated 'show' set-up by the leftist open borders crowd including all Council Members (except Carl DeMaio).

This Council can't even take care of its own business let alone meddle in
the real tragedies occurring to the people of Arizona.

Only Councilman Carl DeMaio stood up for the true facts of the Arizona law.

Mr. Hueso and Mr. Young were very rude to Mr. DeMaio. They had their agenda on track and were not going to be distracted by any facts. It is clear that they do not want ANY immigration laws enforced, State or Federal, since they rejected DeMaio's request to include a statement regarding the Federal Government's failure to protect our borders. Mr. Hueso more or less decreed repeatedly that Arizona's law IS unconstitutional before any court has even opined. He strikes me as a tyrant in the making.

Councilwoman Marti Emerald exposed herself for the ignoramus that she is by
stating that the US Constitution is a "living and breathing" document as
well as her equally distorted interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Kevin
Faulconer hid behind the Police Chief's remarks which amounted to selective
law enforcement/sanctuary city policies and once again demonstrated
Faulconer's lack of spine and principles. Councilwoman Sherry Lightner
displayed her ignorance by just repeating the mischaracterizations and lies
she read in the press about Arizona's law. Councilman Todd Gloria spouted
his Marxist bent toward "Social Justice".

Council members kept saying in passing this resolution, that they were
"supporting their Community" which struck me that they were referring to
their own balkanized concept of blacks or Hispanics or gays, etc. but not in
any way to their "Communities" as "Americans". This is very troublesome to
say the least and should awaken all citizens to the radical kind of people
they have elected to represent them on the San Diego City Council as well as
their Mayor who has indicated he will sign this divisive and meddling

All except Councilman De Maio, have displayed their utter contempt for immigration laws, US sovereignty and the safety and cost to all
"citizens" of San Diego.

May 4, 2010 at 4:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal )