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Comments made by Hank_k

Review: 'Strongman'

I didn't think "Marwencol" and this had that much in common stylistically so it seems a little bit like apples / oranges, but actually felt the other way around. I felt "Marwencol" was an excellent film, but it wasn't a capitol "G" Great film the way "Strongman" was. No knock on "Marwencol" by any stretch, just that this had a depth of theme that was greater and broader. You were somehow watching both a personal drama and feeling like that drama was speaking to larger ideas about the country and society. It's hard to put in words because I don't think it was political exactly, but maybe like the way you feel when you see a play like Death of a Salesman. Maybe a bit of True West came to mind too at times.

Never would have guessed this was a first film at all. I was in it from the get-go and the story unfolded with a real deliberateness. Yes, I think with "Marwencol" the photographs and artwork overlay a polish to it, but I think both films' style were perfectly suited to their subjects. just thinking again now how much some of the "Strongman" images keep staying with me and I would use "masterful" but it's just not in a flashy kind of way. I think it's one of the more interesting films I've seen in a long time.

Anyhow, wanted to say too how great it is that you always post back. Makes reading the blog fun.

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Review: 'Strongman'

Beth, you usually hit the nail on the head (yes, Sucker Punch deserved to be punched back) but I think you missed this one. I saw it over the weekend and it couldn't be farther from 'reality show'. Not sure how you saw that--- I saw real people living real lives in ways that were deep and moving. Unlike the junk on TV, there's nothing disposable about them or the storytelling which I thought really insightful about human nature. I've been talking about it since Saturday night. It has stuck with me in ways I can't easily put into words.

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