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Comments made by HarryKessler

Board Meeting Leads To Shake Up In San Diego Opera Leadership

To John Richards: I suspect that a great many (potential) donors will be willing to write a check, like you, as soon as Campbell gives up the "leadership" of the San Diego Opera. But that is precisely what he does not intend to do. I suspect he was at his desk -- in that baronial office -- today as usual. He is playing a determined waiting game. He knows that it will be all but impossible to raise the needed funds as long as he is in place. And if he gives up that place -- if he resigns as General Director -- he loses his place in line to claim the funds due him by contract (or a portion of them.) So Cohn and her supporters, and Campbell, will achieve their aims and have a very grim last laugh. No one has expected anything but arrogance and contempt from him (just as the long line of talented men and women who have worked for him over the years), but Cohn has shown the San Diego arts supporters "community" for what they are under the surface. Sad as it is to say, goodbye San Diego Opera.

April 18, 2014 at 5:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )