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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On The Ballot In Four Cities

Because ASA or pro-pot lobbyist say marijuana is medicine, doesn’t make it so.  Marijuana shops that sell “Medical Marijuana” makes a mockery of medicine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible to regulate ALL medications.  So why would “medical marijuana" be exempt from the usual monitoring and safety regulations, especially given that we know significant risks are involved with its use? And since when can a 18-year old kid with no license or schooling sell “medicine”, it’s ridicules, and of course fraudulent at best.  The courts have agreed cities and counties can prohibit marijuana shops, which is why none of the cities in SD county allows them.

In California with a recommendation from a doctor for any ailment, you can use marijuana, but there is no stipulation as to dose or frequency of administration, or for standard follow-up appointments to determine whether the marijuana is helpful or is causing side effects. For those people in whom marijuana induces a negativereaction in the form of an addiction, lowered motivation, paranoia or even schizophrenia, no mechanism exists for the physician to monitor or halt use of the drug if the patient wishes to continue using it against medical advice.There is no quality control to regulate the potency of the active ingredient or to standardize and safeguard the product being delivered.

“Medical” marijuana is often recommended for psychiatric conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and mood disorders — and often by someone who has no specialized training in psychiatric disorders. There is no research to support this practice, and it is not thecurrent standard to recommend marijuana for psychiatric conditions. In fact, marijuana is known to exacerbate and accelerate some psychiatric symptoms.

Until smoking marijuana for medical conditions undergo the same study, scrutiny and prescription monitoring as every other prescribed medication, deemed safe and effective by the FDA, and can be obtained by a licensed pharmacist, I don't it wise for Imperial Beach to become the home of the fly by night illegal dispensaries.

October 1, 2012 at 5:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )