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Comments made by HereWeAre

The Compton Cookout And Pop Culture

CaliforniaDefender -

What is the source of your anger? Why should people be apologizing to white students? No one is targeting white students. Nor is anyone discriminating against non-Blacks.

And where do you get the idea that the administration is abandoning academic excellence and denying opportunities to non-Blacks? That's just a ridiculous notion.

Have you noticed that caring students of all races and backgrounds support the idea of making the campus feel safer and more welcome to members of underrepresented groups?

You say people "should be grateful to attend such a world-renowned institution". Is the world so black-and-white to you? 'Just be grateful you're here. Don't have a voice. Don't try to improve anything. Don't try to make the institution you're paying to attend feel safe and comfortable.' Really?

According to ERASE Racism,

"Racism = racial prejudice plus institutional and systemic power to dominate, exclude, discriminate against or abuse targeted groups of people based on a designation of race. While racial prejudice can result in mistreatment, racism results in a special type of mistreatment: oppression. Oppression results when

(1) racism is a part of the dominant culture's national consciousness;

(2) it is reinforced through its social institutions; and

(3) there is an imbalance of social and economic power within the culture."


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UCSD Students Demand Swift Actions

CaliforniaDefender -

First, calling people racist because they are speaking up against racism is a classic case of blaming the victim (or at least diverting the blame from the true offenders).

Second, I never said anything about "all" or even "most" whites (now or in the past), so you can drop that.

Next, why are you trying to shame people who feel unsafe and unwelcome on their campus for trying to do something about it?

If you felt unwelcome and unsafe where you lived, and I refused to consider both historical and present-day reasons for this feeling, do you think you'd stop feeling unsafe and unwelcome?

I mention the past because it matters. Ask any grandparent. Ask anyone who studies societies or histories. Ask any artist trying to keep alive a tradition. If you really think we're in a post-racial society, you haven't been paying attention.

See, the past is tied directly to the present. Racism is not just about individuals treating others poorly or exhibiting hate. It's about systems, habits, and structures that allow ignorance and discrimination and play a role in denying equal opportunity.

You seem to think that the Black Student Union is unfairly demanding "special treatment" or "reparations". Have a look at this and see if you can empathize.

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UCSD Students Demand Swift Actions

Commenters here seem to mistakenly think that having a lot of Asians on campus and/or having color-blind admissions will somehow create harmony and a sense of community? When you're on campus, does it feel communal? Do you sense harmony?

john39 - From what I understand, the opinion of the hundreds of students who rallied yesterday is NOT focused primarily on academic preparedness (although no one would argue against academic support or against parents helping their children be good students). Instead, there is a sense that the UCSD administration has not done enough to foster a campus that feels safe and welcoming to black students and other minority groups, and that this has been an ongoing issue that recent racism has highlighted. Yes, having more black students on campus would help, but would it be enough? And why would such students come to UCSD under these circumstances?

CaliforniaDefender - It's easy to say that white people are a minority at UCSD, but let's be serious. The statistics you link to show that there are 13 Caucasian students for every 1 African-American student. Think of the history of whites using their power against black people in this country: kidnapping, slavery, lynchings, discrimination in many forms to this day. Now this tradition continues with white students espousing racist stereotypes and using the most offensive racist language. How would you feel? And how would you feel if the organization standing up for you was then accused of being racist?

Espousing color-blindness works only IF you don't think there's a problem. And if you can't see the problem, you're not looking very hard.

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