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Comments made by Hobbes

New District Map To Be Finalized Today

whocares, you have got some of the facts right.

It was indeed unfortunate and I quote you, "PV folks rallying to be united w/ the rest of PQ, and to be in a district that would not include Mira Mesa because they believed (falsely, IMO) that by being in the same district that contained Mira Mesa, it would bring down their property values, their kids would go to a different school, and their overall social status would suffer (I didn't know Mira Mesa was that powerful!)"

That is true. We collected petitions over the weekend in PV neighborhood, and all of us spent a lot of time correcting these false perceptions. I can personally attest to this. I will be harsher on PV residents and say that these are the very kind of ugly insinuations that tear apart neighborhoods. Going forward we will work on dispelling them.

Next, I quote, "Unfortunately, PQ's main reasons for being in one district over another were preposterous, and everyone else could see that."

This is false: PQ wanted to be with district 5 because our interests coincide with those neighborhoods. If you look at the presentations made by PQ to the commission on August 22nd, a strong case was made for keeping PQ whole in DQ 5.

PV residents have always been good neighbors of Mira Mesa and will remain so.

As for your comment: "And who cares about the race or no race issue? I see a major inconsistency issue in San Diego. It's ok to help bolster the Latinos, African Americans and even the LGBT communities, but what's this? It's not ok to help the Asians??? Such hypocrisy."

The question is whether the Asians want the help, and whether creating an API influenced district is the best way to help the Asians! Can you provide me proof that Asians have been discriminated against as far as being denied a seat on the city council? District 4 consistently elects an African American representative to the council - it has an African American population of 16%.

How many Asians are eligible to vote, how many turn up? How many Asian candidates stand for elections? These are more germane questions in this discussion!

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New District Map To Be Finalized Today

Redistricting, Here are the facts:

The PQ town council tried very hard to convince the redistricting commission to not split PQ and keep it whole with District 5, from day 1. However, the commission was charmed by the notion of an API district in San Diego as supported by APAC.

In an attempt to please both sides, the commission split PQ, putting the northern half in district 5 and southern half (PV + neighborhood west of Salmon river road) in district 5. The residents of PV found out about this after the preliminary map was released, and showed up in huge numbers to the public comment hearings expressing their opposition to the split. 5300 signatures opposing the split and wanting to be with District 5 were submitted within 48 hours. 1300 signatures from the Asian community from PQ opposed the idea of a so called "Asian empowered" district.

If anyone can be accused of laziness/public pressure/city pressure/, it is the commission not Andy Berg. The commission had until September 15th to rework the map, but chose to do otherwise. If they felt there was conflicting testimony, they could have asked for more hearings, they could have visited PQ themselves and found out first hand what the "API" residents wanted. They still have $90,000 of their budget that can be spent.

This is a harsh lesson for PV residents, but we have learned for this episode. Never again will we let any organization hijack our interests.

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