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Comments made by HollandBach

Toxic Trailers May Be Bound For Mexicali

I like to call these the Salem Witch Trailers, because they are less frightening in and of themselves than the media aura built around them.
The conclusive bottom line is that the trailers are toxic, but from a number of reasons in addition to the fomaldehyde.

First of all, the formaldehyde is of levels equal to many allowed levels in current American construction-- which if leaked at the height of the controversy would have meant more hysteria than anyone wanted. Trouble was, they were poorly ventilated, and therefore built up formaldehyde.

Secondly, the trailers are toxic because of the way in which they were being used, as homes, instead of intended recreational use. Hence, an average of three persons living in a small, poorly ventilated trailer, with showers and cooking, vapors, VOC's mold, and colossal levels of dust mites--- anyone and everyone is going to get sick, certain to get allergies, asthma, COPD and worse.

I traveled to all sources during this controversy and showered proof that the air cleaners my company manufactures would be the answer to remediation and use of trailers as habitation.

Sadly, my story, and those of my colleagues and competitors were shut down, buried in the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trailers.

I applaud the work of the Sierra Club, and particularly Becky Gillette, but am saddened by others' direct burial of the truth in this expensive trumoil and human hardship and sickness it bore out and continues to. Giving these trailers now to the Mexicali without air cleaners if like Lord Amherst giving blankets to the Indians bearing small pox.

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