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Comments made by Hope

Prop. 35 Would Throw The Book At Human Traffickers

Sex trafficking, particularly of children, is flourishing in California because the profits are huge and the laws are weak, so traffickers operate with little risk. Gangs are getting involved because it is less risky and more profitable for them to sell children than to sell drugs. Law enforcement organizations, prosecutors, and child advocacy groups throughout the state have endorsed Prop 35. This is because Prop 35 will increase the penalties and close the many legal loopholes that have spared traffickers from being convicted. These are really dangerous people who belong off the streets, off the Internet, and away from our children. The costs that result from Prop 35 will be negligible, especially when viewed long term. The fines will generate new funds to pay for the vital services necessary to help survivors recover, build new lives, and become contributing members of the community. And law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and social services will see savings through vast reductions in future arrests and broken lives. By voting “Yes” on Prop 35, California citizens will be making a statement that the brutality of human trafficking will not be tolerated in our state.

October 22, 2012 at 1:31 p.m. ( | suggest removal )