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Comments made by Hopsong

Will San Diego Help Stop Global Warming?

One thing San Diego could do to reduce greenhouse gasses better than any place else would be to install solar panels on every rooftop. Why can't we change the rules so that SDG&E has to buy our excess solar power back from us?

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The Liberal Conspiracy To Increase Goverment

Samuelson divides programs into 2 categories: Big Programs defended by the general population (Social Security, mortgage interest deduction, and I would add Defense) and Small Programs defended by fanatics who point out the small cost in relation to the overall size of the budget (AMTRAC, ethanol, and cultural subsidies--presumably like PBS/NPR). I think the latter are are the "action intellectuals" to which you refer.

I have an alternate catagorization: Good Programs and Wasteful Programs. In the first category I would put Medicare (as reformed by the Affordable Health Care Act), AMTRAC (trains are efficient and need subsidies just like roads), and PBS/NPR (best kids shows on TV and best news on the radio). Wasteful Programs include High Speed Rail (trains to nowhere that were cut in the recent budget compromise) and ethanol (under fire form both sides of the spectrum). The reason these wasteful programs are being cut is action pragmatism. That is the phrase I think we should be hearing more of.

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Mass Graves Found Near Brownsville, TX

In addition to the U.S. funding the drug gangs with money, we supply them with weapons, too. The ATF says that 90% of the guns recovered by Mexican law enforcement and turned over for tracing come from north of the border. Yes, Fox News disputes that number by pointing out that not all drug guns are turned over for tracing and puts it at 17% come from the U.S. I submit that the number is closer to the ATF's 90% and way too high in any case.

It is shocking to me that U.S. law enforcement doesn't keep records on gun sales and transfers. If we tracked gun ownership like we track car ownership we would eliminate the straw-purchases that funnel guns to bad guys that kill bus-loads of people and ATF agents. I think the expense and the supposed risk to our liberties is worth it.

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Obama's Plan Vs. Ryan's: Who Pays?

Alison let Bob Kittle off the hook when the Bow-tied One said or implied:
--The Ryan budget plan would reform the tax code in a way that would help balance the budget
--The Ryan Budget Plan reform of the tax code would spur economic growth like the Bush tax cuts

Yes the Bush tax cuts were a stimulus on an already overheated economy but they were also a huge drain on tax revenues. You can't have it both ways.

How much did the Bush cuts cost? About $1.8T between 2001 and 2008 according to Paul Krugman. But if you don't believe that Nobel Prize-winning economist, a (conservative) Heritage Foundation economist named Brian Reidl said he would shave only about 25% off those numbers to account for the stimulation of the economy brought about by the tax cuts. (My reference is That's an average of $225B in savings per year. Compare that to the $38B in cuts Congress and the President just passed and you see how big a deal this is.

Balancing the budget will require shared sacrifice, including the rich. That is what is missing from Paul Ryan's budget plan.

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