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Comments made by INYOURDREAMS

Debating San Diego's 'Hard Line' On Medical Marijuana

Eugene Davidovich, get real. Your supporting persons involved in illegal drug trafficking.

Stop blaming other for yours and others inability to abide by and uphold State Law.
Because Collectives won't legally operate, doesn't give you an argument, that legal medical Marijuana patients are being deprived of their medicine!

It's true that not everyone has the ability to grow Marijuana, but buying Marijuana from illegal sources, should NOT be an option! When people grow and have no medical need (even if they have a valid recommendation), then sell that Marijuana to a Collective, then sell more of their Marijuana to another Collective, it's ILLEGAL and that is what is happening all over California!

When I hear that San Diego is forcing Collectives to operate illegally, it makes me cringe, that's simply not true, it's a "cop out" an excuse and a lame one at that. Each and every Collective has the responsibility to regulate themselves and to comply with State law when obtaining their Marijuana (Collectives are to only grow as members and only provide to their CLOSED Collective membership).

Those that say; "Medical Marijuana laws are too complex" are making an excuse and or trying to look for loopholes, for a defense, for breaking the law!

Instead of trying to fight the law, why don't you guys go rewrite, amend State law and submitt it to the United States Senate!

September 18, 2009 at 12:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )