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Comments made by IanL


The passion with which some readers are attacking Beth's review is surprising. Owl's defense of her is spot-on. Given all the buzz, advertising, money, studio-backing, and hype surrounding Avatar, a critic is entitled to expect a movie that is at excels in every way.

Come on, people! Avatar is a great spectacle and a good popcorn movie, but surely you must see that it is so, so much less than it could have been. With the unprecedented budget and amount of time spent on this movie, the sky was the limit. Instead, we got off-the-clearance-rack story lines, tired stereotypes, and cliches. Even a very simple change, such as having a multi-ethnic cast of principal human characters would have at least freed this film from the well-worn path of "white guilt film" and left us with a more resounding and universal message about imperialism, exploitation, and greed.

With a bit more consciousness and intelligence Avatar could have become a real heir to Star Wars IV and V - a movie with timeless appeal that will be watched for generations. Instead, what we have is a formulaic blockbuster which will seem tired and dated in a few years.

January 4, 2010 at 7:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )