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Comments made by ImStoned

Activists Want Marijuana on the 2010 Ballot

When I can actually come to beleive "our" government could be honest with it's people and allow the truth be told you can see the benifits of this wonderful "God" made plant. The government didn't tell you in the 70's they found using marijuana stop the progression of some brain tumors and in some cases distroyed them? Can you get them to explain to me why they produce synthtic THC and sell it as meranol yet say there is no medical use for it? Can they show me one case when someone died from using marijuana? No because there aren't any recorded cases. If you ever looked into just how currupted it is during federal court cases you will see that evidence can only be used if they allow it, does not matter if your right or wrong within the laws of the state that you live in. Peoples lives have been and continue to be ruined behind this plant most people have tried once in their life time. This government we support was created for us by us and we have no control over anything anymore. These same people saying using marijuana is wrong think it's right to send S.W.A.T. teams into your home, treat you as though you were a terriost in your own country because of a harmless plant. Kicking in your doors, holding loaded guns in your face, slamming you to the ground with their boot in your throat and your families behind a plant that has never killed anyone from it's use to date since the beginning of it's use. Marijuana users are the easiest targets that can be found, they usually are peaceful, quite, polite people, we are your neighbors and we do help because we do care. We are no different than you in that we just want to get along and learn to live together. Give peace a chance, please. You can see for your selves if the truth they tell you is the truth you find.

July 30, 2009 at 4:44 p.m. ( | suggest removal )